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Your business would benefit from a more flexible and feature-rich customer contact solution, but the transformation may seem costly – getting a timely return on investment (ROI) is key.

You need an efficient solution that doesn’t require capital investment in infrastructure, or significant resources for IT integration, management and support.

What if you could pay only for the services you use and the number of agents active at any one time? And what if there was a way to do this with no up-front capital expenditure or annual maintenance charges, regardless of usage?

Our cloud contact centre solutions let you align your IT costs with demand, as well as helping you optimise labour costs. You can quickly bring agents online as you need them to handle peaks in demand or ad hoc campaigns – whether they’re working at home, or spread across regional or global contact centres.

Our global reach, coupled with access to smart analytics and workforce management technologies, means you can deliver your services in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Featured products

  • Hosted and delivered from our global data centres, Cloud Contact Genesys delivers a complete customer contact service with consistent, seamless and personalised experiences across all touch-points. And we make sure there’s always alignment between the stage and type of customer journey. Your agents just need a network connection, browser and phone, and they can work from anywhere.
  • This secure private cloud solution combines our automated service delivery with Genesys SMART use cases. By templating design, processes, footprint, deployment and support, we reduce unknown elements, accelerate roll-out and speed time-to-value, so you can move quickly with confidence.

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What is Webex Contact Centre?

Webex Contact Centre lets you get closer to your customers – wherever they are.

Manage all your contact centre needs on one easy platform with Webex Contact Centre, combining the flexibility, scalability, and low maintenance of the cloud with the reliability and security of your on-premise call centre solution.

Improve sales conversations, revenue, customer retention and satisfaction scores by empowering your remote agents to react more quickly and efficiently to what people need, offering a personalised, seamless, and multi-channel customer experience.

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What is Cloud Contact Cisco?

Meet digital customer demands with Cisco’s cloud-based contact centre.

Running your own contact centre is a complex and costly challenge, requiring you to manage complex systems and software integrations while paying for data space, upgrades, and maintenance.

Cloud Contact Cisco removes this cost and complexity. Connecting to our global MPLS network gives you access to our flexible cloud services, letting you scale-up capacity when you need it while only paying for what you use on a per agent, per-monthly basis.

How does Cloud Contact Cisco work?

Cloud Contact Cisco puts customer experience at the heart of your business.

Lots of companies still divide their communications between a front office, CRM environment, and back office experts. Cloud Contact Cisco removes this division to help collaboration across your organisation, creating an agile, omnichannel contact centre that puts your customers first.

  • Empower your people to share ideas and respond to customers more quickly
  • Enable your agents to manage multiple channels through a single, easy-to-use multimedia interface
  • Network your back-office experts into the front office environment, putting customers with complex requirements in front of the people best suited to meet them.

Cloud Contact Cisco Features

Cisco contact centre solutions key features at a glance:

  • Flexible agency pricing options - You decide which agents require which channel, allowing you to always only pay for what you need and consolidate your global communications costs onto a single platform.
  • Omni-channel - Customers can contact you any time, however they choose, including e-mail, SMS, social media management, video and voice, messaging and collaborative browsing.
  • Intelligent call handling - Cisco contact centre technology automatically routes calls based on client identity, putting them in touch with the agent best placed to respond to their query.
  • Reliability and continuity - Our network is resilient, secure and trusted by international businesses and government organisations. And the redundancy offered by BT’s data centres keeps your business running, should disaster strike.
  • Round the clock support - Our service is staffed 24/7 for 365 days a year so whichever location is live – at any time – we are managing it for you.
  • Flexible integration - Our service integrates fully with your existing CRM systems allowing a continuation of your customer data management throughout the transformation process.

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How your customers feel about you depends on how their experience of you matches their expectations.

Our consulting experts can review your contact centre operations to evaluate the effectiveness of your tools and technologies, your agent productivity, your key performance metrics and your internal processes. We spot gaps between your business goals and operations, help you deliver a more efficient customer experience and help you get the most from your current investments.

By working with us, you get a transformation roadmap that will make it easy for your customers to reach you, while optimising your operations to reduce costs and boost agent productivity.

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What is Cloud Contact Next Generation?

Control costs, reduce uncertainty, and deliver a better customer experience.

Cloud Contact Next Generation is a pre-packed, ‘out of the box’ multi-channel contact centre solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing call centre infrastructure.

It bundles all the best features from our existing Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) portfolio into a single, powerful centre that’s fully scalable to your business.  

Using cloud apps and management tools, CCNG gives your agents greater control over their calls and enables customers to reach the right person, faster.

How does Cloud Contact Next Generation work? 

Pre-packaged and ready to go so you can be up and running in weeks, not months.

In an industry where customers are saturated by choice, offering a leading-edge customer experience can make all the difference. Cloud Contact Next Generation gives you that edge, empowering you to transform the way you manage customer communications.

CCNG is a low-risk, technologically advanced solution that helps reduce costs across your contact centre estate while improving customer experience, providing a dramatic positive impact on their perception of your business.

Cloud Contact next Generation Features

Cloud Contact Next Generation key features at a glance:

  • Low-risk – Significantly reduced risk, cost, and time-to-deliver with combined technology from leading vendors and delivery experience from BT
  • Scalable – Fully scalable with no limits to the number of users and quickly adjustable to changing business needs
  • ‘Out of the box’ – All you need is a network connection, browser and phone

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Improve your operational performance and customer engagement with Optimise Contact – available in the cloud or onsite - to make better decisions, increase productivity and improve your customer experience.

Optimise Contact: 

  • uses insight to identify any  inefficiencies, understand root causes and take action
  • makes sure you have the right people, with the right skills, at the right time to help your customers
  • improves your customer experience by reducing handling times and putting your customers through to the employees who can answer their enquiries first time
  • reduces costs by spending less time on dispute management with recorded calls and identifying and correcting any inefficiencies with call analytics.

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Voice. Visual. Text. You can have self-service covered and integrated into your overall customer service experience.

Give your customers the power of personalised, continuous, context-aware conversations across different channels (IVR, messaging / Chatbot, mobile, web), as well as different interactions (informational and transactional).

With Auto Contact, you can have:

  • state-of-the-art text and speech recognition, powered by natural language
  • dynamic personalisation that presents menu options based on likely user intent.

Which gives you harmonious integration with your overall customer experience, so your agents don’t miss a beat when your customers need transfer to live assistance.

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