Use Case · 24 Apr 2018

Boost your flexibility and control with virtualisation

Virtualise your network functions and increase your flexibility.


You need greater flexibility and control when doing things like bringing new branches online.

Traditionally, you needed to buy some hardware: routers, firewalls, accelerators, etc. Then you needed someone to install and maintain it which takes time, money and resources.

But what if you could move to a world where these functions are virtualised and the same tasks can be done in just a few mouse clicks? 

Virtualised Network Functions (VNFs) gives you far more flexibility to deploy, modify and scale networks, without having to worry about buying, installing and configuring new hardware each time. And because VNFs are software-based, you can begin to orchestrate and automate network design, deployment, management and security – either yourself or as a managed service. 

As with any new technology, you don’t want to race ahead on your own and potentially lock yourself into systems and providers that may not be able to support your needs going forward. By working with us, you can combine VNFs from different providers and we can operate them as a single system.



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The time and cost of shipping, installing and maintaining network hardware are huge, so the virtualisation of these services is a revolutionary change for networks. Our Connect Services Platform lets you virtualise your own functions and add to leading solutions, such as Checkpoint, InfoVista and Riverbed. These are deployed on your edge device (our Connect Edge portfolio), and you can choose from a range of Cisco ENCS for your different site types.

You can have a solution which is a simple evolution of your existing Cisco estate, where you can create your own sandbox of VNFs and you can take advantage of our expertise and trials to make sure your solution is a success.

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This fully managed, secure solution is delivered using our experience in large scale deployment and application management.

We offer best-of-breed reporting and analytics to improve your SD-WAN visibility and control.   

Our managed solution is a great choice as you migrate towards a software-enabled service. It lets you:

  • see your whole network online
  • better route your important applications
  • stay secure with an encrypted network
  • use orchestration to integrate your other services more easily
  • scale your network as it becomes more complex.

And, if needed, our dedicated specialist team can also do the configuration and maintenance of your SD-WAN service in-life.

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Agile Connect is our unique SD-WAN solution. It’s ideal for branch solutions, offering fast, simple site set-up, easy control and our added security wrap.

Because it’s an SD-WAN, you can meet additional bandwidth demand and improve the performance of your priority applications.

It’s unique to us because it’s built on, and integrated into, our global network, plus it’s controlled through our portal - the same portal you can use to control your wider network services. It comes already built with regional gateways, hub connectivity, and added security including against cyber attacks. You can control the service yourself, or we can control it for you, and our service wrap will make sure you have a successful solution.

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As a digital business, your network needs the right technology and to be flexible, secure and agile.

You also need to integrate the old with the new, all while controlling spend.

We can help you achieve this. We can help you define your business objectives, analyse your network performance and usage, identify strategic improvements and design you a complete roadmap. To get things started, we can host one of our Dynamic Network Services strategic workshops to qualify your needs and objectives. The output from this is a report which shows how network improvements could impact your business and highlights your technology areas that need further discovery work for transformation. 

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