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There’s no escaping the fact that your future infrastructure will involve increased complexity, so you need to be prepared.

At some point, there will be the leap from legacy to new technology. But it can be tricky to navigate all the latest options, pick the right solutions and then decide when to implement them. How do you decide the right time to move your network forward?

If you get it wrong, you either spend money on a network that rapidly becomes obsolete, or create a network that doesn’t help you achieve your business strategy.

What if you could design an evolutionary path with the right choices to meet your business needs and stay ahead of the competition?

We understand that no single solution is appropriate in all circumstances, so we’ve developed an ecosystem of technologies and suppliers so that you can plug in the ones that fit your unique roadmap. This combined with our expertise and experience in infrastructure and management means you can see the demands on your network and create an innovative plan to evolve your infrastructure, without the risk.

Featured products

Buying more bandwidth to support your bandwidth-hungry applications is an expensive and not really the best solution. Our Connect Intelligence services can improve the performance of your applications and processes because they:

  • monitor their performance and that of your network
  • run diagnostics and provide acceleration and optimisation, and
  • can deliver SD-WAN style routing.

We partner with the leading providers, such as InfoVista and Riverbed, offering hardware and cloud-based solutions, and we’re the first to launch brand new, flexible commercial models for their services. We also offer the experience and expertise to ensure a successful solution.