Combine private cloud with your core apps

Mix your new workloads in public clouds with your core legacy apps in private cloud.


You may have core apps in a legacy IT or non-cloud environment for practical, performance or regulatory reasons.

So, you need to blend and manage a hybrid cloud effectively.

You’d like a choice of public cloud to suit each team’s needs, but you don’t want lots of different platforms that increase your complexity and reduce your control. 

What if there was a way to make sure you you got the right mix of public or private cloud services, and you could deliver change at the pace that best suits your business, IT and application needs? 

Then, you could integrate and modernise the core legacy apps that run in your private cloud with new workloads that run in public clouds. 

We offer a flexible, pay-as-you-go managed IT service – in our data centres or yours – which connects to your users and the public cloud securely across our network. 

Our Compute Management System gives you an optimised infrastructure and a consistent set of services. And our global operations and professional services give you the ability to leverage our skills and experience wherever, and whenever your business needs it. 


Featured products

You need your IT infrastructure to be as agile, flexible, secure and cost-effective as possible.

Cloud can help you achieve this, but how do you make sure you get the most from a solution and it meets your needs?

Our consultants can:

  • assess your readiness for cloud by analysing your existing IT environment
  • optimise your cloud solution by looking at your business processes, requirements, data, applications and infrastructure
  • move your applications to the cloud in the right way for you
  • design a data centre strategy which will ensure your data is well managed and stored in the right way for you
  • consolidate your data centre systems to improve performance. 

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  • Private Compute - lets you build private cloud services from proven modular templates, so you can use designs that integrate with your existing systems. We can manage your private cloud in one of our shared facilities, set aside exclusively for you.
  • Private Compute on-premises - delivered and installed to a data centre location of your choice, we provide cloud-ready equipment dedicated just for your organisation.
  • Private Compute orchestrate - accelerates your journey to a private or hybrid cloud. By re-using your infrastructure, you can leverage existing investments. Our service cloud-lets you build and manage your own cloud solution in minutes.

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Our Compute Hybrid Managed Services remove the headache of globally managing different public and private clouds across your business using a consistent set of services.

Delivered through our global service organisation, you can wrap the following infrastructure:

  • traditional management of private and public cloud platforms
  • infrastructure applications
  • data
  • security
  • network.

You can leverage our skills, global scale and capabilities and use our Compute Management System as a single portal to get consistent control and governance of your IT services. You can also seamlessly migrate and manage workloads using our professional services transformation tools.

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