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You may be feeling overwhelmed with the raft of cloud capabilities on offer and how complicated hybrid cloud solutions seem to be.

In fact, a 100% migration of your existing infrastructure into the cloud probably isn't feasible. 

What if there were cloud management tools that allowed you to seamlessly migrate and manage workloads and get consistent control and governance of your IT services?

When you work with us, you're supported by experts, resources, and proven blueprints, so you can develop a solution that meets your unique needs across network, cloud, IT and security. We can share lessons learned from managing countless cloud implementations in various operating environments around the world. 

Our unified dashboard brings together your multiple cloud management, tools and billing into a consolidated view. With the right information and expertise, you can successfully move forward with repeatable, scalable solutions, creating business value as you go.

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What is Hybrid Cloud Managed Services?

Shape your future infrastructure with hybrid cloud solutions from BT and NetApp

To thrive in a world of change, businesses need a flexible and agile IT environment designed to flex and grow at speed and scale.

IT workloads must be cloud-optimised, for better performance and user experience (UX) – yet 47% of businesses are not doing this. What’s more, the forced speed of cloud adoption is leaving businesses vulnerable, with 50% at risk of accidentally exposing data or services. Not only that, but working too quickly and without real visibility means that 80% of organisations are set to overshoot their cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) budgets.

BT and NetApp have joined forces to create a solution that distributes workloads across private cloud, public cloud, and on-premises to suit your business and budget. And we ensure all UX is optimised and secured too – from corporate office to home office, data centre, branch, and cloud.

How does Hybrid Cloud Managed Services work?

BT and NetApp – joining forces to create a better hybrid cloud experience.

Through BT Hybrid Cloud Managed Services, we provide connectivity to every major cloud provider on every continent, enabling services in days.

By embedding the NetApp Data Fabric into the BT network, we can provide even greater agility for your data, in the same way SD-WAN* delivers greater agility for your network.

We provide you with the choice and control to manage your data across hybrid cloud, selecting the most efficient, appropriate environment for your industry.

We help you to move workloads and their data to the right place, at the right time, with the right characteristics to accelerate innovation. You can thereby mitigate your operational risk, and access insights to help you make more informed decisions for the future.

Hybrid Cloud Managed Services features:

We’re committed to delivering the best hybrid cloud solutions on the market. Our Managed AWS service gives you:

  • NetApp Public Cloud Software – Deliver faster performance than with public cloud native storage with Service Level Agreements for services like Cloud Volume Services (CVS) and Azure NetApp Files (ANF)
  • Seamless data transfer – Move your important data between public clouds without having to convert it
  • NetApp efficiencies – Reduce cloud consumption, ingress, and egress costs
  • Cloud tiering – Reduce costs further and run your workloads and data in the most efficient location.

Managed hybrid cloud benefits:

What benefits can hybrid cloud management bring to your business?

  • Reduce cloud cost – We’ll help you reduce public cloud TCO (total cost of ownership), which is typically difficult to control
  • Mitigate your risk – Reduce business risk by uniquely guaranteeing performance and availability for mission-critical workloads
  • Manage your compliance – We’ll make sure all your data is protected from data loss and ransomware, and is compliant globally
  • Keep your data secure – Seamlessly transfer data between public clouds, avoid cloud lock-in and address concentration risk
  • Grow your business faster – We’ll help you go-to-market faster with new digital services and business models by increasing agility, availability, and scalability across the hybrid cloud.

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Our public cloud solutions offer a practical, efficient and secure route into public cloud computing giving you the choice, flexibility and compliance you need.

Our Hybrid Cloud Managed services are platform-agnostic across private and public cloud.

With our services, you can: 

  • order public cloud alongside our portfolio of services on a single contract
  • get the most globally diverse choice of hybrid cloud services from us and our partners, delivered locally
  • get secure, high performance connectivity
  • be secure at all the gateways to the public cloud with Check Point security
  • control your IT infrastructure and apps from anywhere in the world with a single pane of glass
  • benefit from the expertise of our 2,000 highly skilled professional services consultants (with over 500 Microsoft and AWS accreditations)
  • leverage our innovation with the leading cloud providers.

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What is Internet Connect?

Global internet access services to suit all your sites, however large or small

The internet is the foundation of the way we work today. To connect all your customers, suppliers, offices, and employees, you need a cost-effective global internet access and broadband solution you can rely on.

As business moves toward hybrid networking models, your users will expect you to buy the best available internet with performance and reliability prioritised. The combined reach of our core network and our carefully selected third parties means Internet Connect can help your network solution span the globe – with the right offer at the right price, under a single contract and service agreement.

How does Internet Connect work?

Improving your internet connected world.

In a complex world of distributed architecture and applications, you need reliable global ISP solutions with experienced partners who have the tools, systems, network security expertise, and relationships to track and resolve any issues quickly.

We deliver and manage your internet connections for you, removing the headache of dealing with multiple suppliers in different locations around the world and providing cost-effective connectivity into more than 190 countries. As you grow into new locations, Internet Connect lets you simply add these connections into your managed service agreement, maintaining a consistent and simplified look and feel to your network.

Our Multi Service Access (MSA) agreement also lets you combine MPLS and internet over the same access, so you can use some of your current MPLS bandwidth to connect directly into the internet without waiting for new installs.

Internet Connect features:

We’re committed to delivering the best global internet and broadband services on the market. Internet Connect offers you:

  • A fully-managed solution – We deliver and manage all your global internet connections, removing the headache of dealing with multiple suppliers around the world
  • Burstable Bandwidth – You’ll have the flexibility a digital business needs, adding new capability to control bandwidth costs while maximising agility
  • MPLS IP VPN integration – Secure gateways around the world with our own internet and MPLS services reduce cost and time compared to new, physical connections
  • 24/7/365 support – You can rest assured we’ll meet our commitment to you with expert support to help you resolve any issues you may encounter.

Internet Connect benefits:

What benefits will Internet Connect bring to your business?

  • Reduced management complexity – Our service is fully-managed, leaving you time to focus on the business-critical work only you can do
  • High performance for a better customer experience – Uncontended (1:1), synchronous bandwidth lets your applications perform at their best
  • Global reach for smaller remote sites – We offer many lower-priced options to suit the needs of your smaller and more remote sites and users, including ADSL, VDSL, SDSL, and radio/Wi-Fi
  • Resilience and choice – We design and configure networks that provide high up-time and come with centralised, co-ordinated global support
  • Improved security – We have 3,000+ security professionals protecting our network, and offer options like DDoS and cloud-based firewalls.

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Telehousing gives you the space and security, as well as the resilience and reach, to make your IT infrastructure work.

You can trust us with your telehousing needs because: 

  • we deliver data centre services from 48 global data centres
  • each one conforms to or exceeds Tier 3 of the Uptime Institute’s definition
  • each of our data centres is equipped with the same high standards of connectivity, security, atmospheric control and power
  • each environmental system and power source is duplicated for greater resilience against systems failure
  • we offer a 100 per cent SLA for the provision of power to each footprint and ensure continuity for your critical business processes (location permitting).

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