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Consolidate your data centre footprint

Stop investing in new data centres and use the cloud more.


You want seamless data distribution with the right security and the right performance.

But managing and protecting your data on a global scale can be challenging, and investing in data centres to house your IT infrastructure can be a drain on your business.

What if you could rely on one scalable solution to get the level of distribution you need, while giving you the security and speed of access that wouldn’t be possible with a standalone data centre?

Our next generation cloud-enabled data centres are pre-connected to our global network and the software is pre-configured. These services are ready to use in our data centre and network, and come with security built-in.

We’ve also connected our IP network so we can offer you services from Amazon Web Services, HP, IBM and Equinix, as well as Salesforce, Microsoft and more. Private connections make services quicker, more reliable and more secure.  

We can also help with resilient storage solutions that can be co-located with your private and public cloud, and delivered with LAN speed access to give you fast and reliable service.


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Telehousing gives you the space and security, as well as the resilience and reach, to make your IT infrastructure work.

You can trust us with your telehousing needs because: 

  • we deliver data centre services from 48 global data centres
  • each one conforms to or exceeds Tier 3 of the Uptime Institute’s definition
  • each of our data centres is equipped with the same high standards of connectivity, security, atmospheric control and power
  • each environmental system and power source is duplicated for greater resilience against systems failure
  • we offer a 100 per cent SLA for the provision of power to each footprint and ensure continuity for your critical business processes (location permitting).

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Financial service companies are often interconnected to consume each others’ services across the entire trade cycle - pre-trade, trade, post-trade and settlement.

The evolution of the market has led to a high concentration of financial industry companies co-located within key data centres globally.

Through Radianz Compute, we can offer you:

  • managed compute and storage services
  • managed network services
  • co-location services.

Our global support model gives you a fully resilient, world-class hosting and connectivity environment supported by highly specialised financial technology and business professionals.

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What is Private Cloud services?

An agile hybrid cloud for agile service delivery

Public cloud adoption has grown substantially as entire workforces have moved to the home office. But for many, it’s far from the default choice thanks to concerns with cloud security, business-critical application performance, and the complexity and time associated with refactoring traditional customer applications.

Private Cloud is an end-to-end solution that allows you to take full advantage of the agility and automation of public cloud, with the performance, security, and predictability you’re used to from a private data centre.

It’s unique in its ability to provide choice to our customers, putting you in control of your IT delivery supply chain. You can choose your hosting location (on-premise, BT-hosted or via a third party/CNF), select modular technology stacks, pick a suitable commercial consumption model, and choose from a variety of add-on services including security, professional services, and managed services.

How does Private Cloud management work?

Designed with complex global networks in mind

Private Cloud enables localised cloud-like services to return to the business while we take care of infrastructure and platform management. This frees up your IT teams to work on revenue-generating innovation and gives you the opportunity to get greater value from your cloud budget.

Our VxRail platform is a reliable, flexible foundation to support cloudlike delivery of your business-critical applications, uniquely engineered with VMware. Wrapped up in BT’s expert cloud managed services, you can relax knowing that the day-to-day running is in safe hands.

It’s ultra-easy to use with single-click deployment, plus a ‘single pane of glass’ for network management, automation, and lifecycle management. The technology does all the heavy lifting, creating a scalable infrastructure for developing and deploying cloud-native apps with 15x faster cloud deployment. You’ll get the same intelligent IT infrastructure stack across your private, public, and edge environments, enabling you to embark on digital transformation with confidence.

Private Cloud features:

We’re committed to delivering the best managed private cloud solutions on the market. Private Cloud features include:

  • VxRail – A flexible foundation that supports cloudlike delivery of business-critical applications
  • Single-click deployment – Quick and easy set up alongside a fully managed service
  • VMware Cloud Foundation – Automate all your critical processes
  • A fully-managed service – From initial set up to maintenance, we’ll take care of the day-to-day running to give you more time for business-critical tasks

Private Cloud benefits:

What benefits will Private Cloud bring to your business?

  • Remove hybrid cloud complexity whilst maintaining autonomy and control
  • Accelerate innovation with Dell and VMware technology
  • Improve cloud economics with a flexible commercial model and pricing
  • Get unified data access to eradicate siloes
  • Simplify management of 1000s or virtual machines
  • Easily expand into public infrastructure
  • Improve security and reliability

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What is SD Fabric?

The freedom of the cloud, in your own private data centre.

Many organisations want to move their applications to the public cloud, but security and regulatory concerns can make that difficult. They require a bespoke approach that only works in a private data centre. SD Fabric (Cisco ACI) gives you the best of both worlds.

Building on Cisco’s ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) technology, our fully-managed software defined data centre solution brings cloud-like flexibility to your existing data centres for increased automation, agility, and productivity.

You’ll get a new DC-LAN solution that meets the ever-increasing demands that on-premises infrastructure faces, and it can easily extend into the public cloud in the future.

Why invest in our Cisco ACI-based service?

Visibility, control, and increased automation

SD Fabric is the solution your business needs if:

  • You want to reduce your networking costs
  • You want to modernise your data centre
  • If your data centre is coming to end-of-life
  • If you have an application that needs a standard, scalable, repeatable infrastructure platform
  • If you want to reduce your data centre footprint
  • If you want to move your existing Cisco ACI environment so you can manage and maintain it under a single contract

We’ll deliver, install, configure, and manage your new private cloud DC-LAN infrastructure, including Cisco Nexus 9000hardware and Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) software.

 We can provide a fully managed service including change management, proactive alerting, and incident management. And we’ll work closely with your IT team and the partners managing or migrating your applications.

SD Fabric features

We’re committed to delivering the best hybrid cloud solutions on the market. SD Fabric gives you:

  • Increased visibility, analytics and control across your own data centre environment (API)
  • A specialised team to own and manage delivery, and your ongoing service
  • Optimised networking (100Gb/s) to reduce complexity
  • A scalable and easy to grow solution without change of design
  • Cloud-like agility, with increased automation for speed of configuration and deployment of changes
  • Reduced data centre network provisioning times – cutting cost and simplifying troubleshooting and compliance
  • A common platform for physical and virtual environments
  • Agile hardware deployment as you don’t have to change the network design
  • Easy rollout that improves productivity quickly

SD Fabric benefits

What are the benefits of SD Fabric and Cisco ACI? It’s…

  • Simple - Improve productivity with greater visibility and faster, more consistent change implementation across your network – for example, a new multi-tier network or a change to a security policy
  • Agile - Make your business units’ lives easier with faster application deployment using infrastructure as code
  • Compliant - Make auditing your network simpler with access to your data via the API
  • Cost-effective - Less implementation and change costs, while a single point of management gives consistency and greater visibility to audit and verify change

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What is Optical Connect?

Expand your global network infrastructure with high-performance optical fibre connectivity.

Global businesses are facing more international network traffic than ever before and the need for larger bandwidths will only continue to increase. Your networks are the lifeblood of your – and your customers’ – businesses, and a surge in multimedia, cloud service apps, IoT, and more, means increased pressure to keep them flowing.

To add value to existing customers, attract new ones, and be future-ready, you need the bandwidth capability to match with an optical network you can rely on.

Optical Connect empowers you to do just this, leading your own digital transformation and growing with the demand. Using dedicated, point-to-point links to connect your global sites, it provides exception levels of resilience, capacity, and guaranteed high speeds.

How does Optical Connect work?

Improving your internet connected world.

With dedicated point-to-point links connecting your global sites, Optical Connect can transfer huge amounts of international traffic data in a fraction of the time of an IP-based solution, including voice, data, and IP traffic.

It’s not only lightning-fast but also incredibly secure, using a private connection delivered as a point-to-point solution so it isn’t open to attack.

Our service offers a range of bandwidths in key locations across the globe and we’ve already pre-connected some of the most popular locations. This lets you buy the bandwidths you need with minimal time spent on initial set-up.

Optical connect is a fully managed, end-to-end service meaning we’ll deal with everything from installation to maintenance, leaving you time to focus on business-critical tasks.

Optical Connect features:

We’re committed to delivering the best global optical network services on the market. Optical Connect gives you:

  • A fully-managed solution – We deliver and managed all your global site connections, leaving you free to focus on business-critical tasks
  • Secure, uncontended bandwidths – Our secure private connection means you can transfer sensitive business data with peace of mind
  • 24/7/365 support – You can rest assured we’ll meet our commitment to you with dedicated support teams ready to tackle any problems you may encounter.

Optical Connect benefits:

What benefits will Internet Connect bring to your business?

  • Large-scale disaster recovery
  • Storage replication
  • Cross-site virtualisation for data centres
  • Connecting data centres
  • Cloud application enablement
  • Core network extension/backhaul
  • UHD multi-media.

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