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Deliver and control your network functions centrally

Virtual Network Functions allow you greater efficiency and flexibility.


You need to deploy network functions, such as firewalls or acceleration, but shipping hardware to every site you need is time-consuming, difficult and expensive.

And once on site, you need to install and maintain the hardware, which only adds to the cost and need for local technical resource.

What if you could implement a simple, flexible and agile solution that delivers quick deployment from anywhere? Virtual network functions (VNFs) allow you to deploy from a central portal to an edge device. And because they’re virtualised, they’re maintained, updated and supported centrally.

This new “as-a-service” approach to network functions offers huge savings and also opens up new approaches to commercials. So, virtualised functions can be deployed as short-term fixes, as well as long-term solutions.

You get the control through our managed solution, and you have a choice of industry standard VNFs and the ability to use VNFs which are important to your organisation.

This approach won’t make financial sense in every situation, but where it does, we can help you design and build the solution that’s best for you.


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What is Connect Cisco SD-WAN?

Making sophisticated, global networks easier to monitor, manage and become more agile.

As your network adapts to meet new demands it’s easy to be overwhelmed by managing and maintaining it. Not to mention the challenge of ever-increasing data traffic and security threats. We’ve created a simple way to give your key sites and people the connections they need to support them in a more dynamic global marketplace.

Connect Cisco SD-WAN is a managed SD-WAN solution* for global networks with sophisticated requirements. It’s the ideal choice as you migrate towards a software-enabled service. We’ve developed a centrally managed, cloud-hosted, and software-defined network overlay solution using Cisco vEdge hardware and licences. It comes with best-of-breed reporting built in so you can see exactly what’s happening across your network and applications.

Because it’s a fully managed service, making changes to application routing is easy – we can take care of everything from installation and configuration to monitoring.

How does Connect Cisco SD-WAN work? 

Designed with complex global networks in mind.

Coping with ever-increasing data from a complex set of applications while managing a hybrid WAN across a mix of site types is a challenge. So we’ve created a simple solution with advanced features built on our evolving dynamic network, and with the right support to make it a success.

Connect Cisco SD-WAN is agile enough to work across a range of internet and network services, giving you the ability to adapt quickly to meet new challenges and opportunities.

It comes with the vManage reporting system – an online view of all your services – for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting. And if you really want to get to the bottom of what’s going on in your network, our LiveAction service takes analytics to the next level. You’ll get real insight into your network performance to help you make informed decisions on configuration, applications, and data traffic management.

Security is built-in and you’ll get 2,500 security experts and 14 operation centres as backup.

Connect Cisco SD-WAN features:

We’re committed to delivering the best SD-WAN solutions on the market. Connect Cisco SD-WAN features include:

  • Manage reporting system – An online view of all your services for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting
  • LiveAction analytics – Network performance insight to help you make informed decisions
  • Hybrid underlay – We’ll build your secure SD-WAN on our hybrid underlay networks for intelligent traffic routing and improved application performance
  • SD-WAN Centre of Excellence (CoE) delivery – Our CoE team combine industry knowledge with local expertise to bring you fast, simple, and secure deployment

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What is Agile Connect Nuage SD-WAN?

Shape your future infrastructure, improve application performance, and meet additional bandwidth demand with BT and Nuage Networks

In a world of change you need a dynamic network to rely on. Most businesses need a flexible and agile network that can evolve at speed and scale. All user experiences (UX) must be optimised and secured, from the corporate office to home office, data centre, branch, and cloud.

Agile Connect is our unique SD-WAN solution*, combining Nokia’s Nuage Networks technology with BT’s expertise to help global businesses deliver consistently great UX, managed centrally.

It’s unique to us because it’s built on and integrated into our global network, plus it’s controlled through our portal - the same portal you can use to control your wider network services. It comes with pre-built regional gateways, hub connectivity, and added security including protection against cyber-attacks. You can control the service yourself or we can control it for you.

How does Agile Connect Nuage SD-WAN work? 

BT and Nuage fit the bill for complex, multinational enterprises.

The Nuage Networks technology creates an intelligent end-to-end network fabric, overlayed onto BT’s WAN, to connect all workloads through a single platform. It’s also embedded in our network service gateways, extending all the performance and cost benefits to the home-worker.

Our choice of right-sized, cost-efficient SD-WAN devices can be deployed anywhere, with consistent visibility and policy control, helping you provide more flexible return-to-office or home-working options, and future-proofing your business against disruption.

Our service also makes network governance easier, enabling customised and consistently applied security policies – and you can ensure home-workers are subject to the same security protocols as if they were in the office. You can also securely segment your network from within its perimeter by using micro-segmentation across devices and applications, protecting from within and enhancing security even further.

Agile Connect Nuage SD-WAN features:

We’re committed to delivering the best SD-WAN solutions* on the market. Agile Connect Nuage SD-WAN features include:

  • Seamless network performance – Give executives the performance they expect. No more screen freezes on company-side broadcasts!
  • Secure access – Give knowledge workers optimised and secure access to information to do their jobs
  • Home worker support – Extend visibility and performance to remote workers, giving them the speed to access public cloud-hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications and a secured connection to privately hosted IT systems
  • Simplified transformation – Understand where to use internet services and where to keep MPLS to reduce costs and control bandwidth
  • Minimised risk of downtime – Our experts will judge how quickly to transform, migrating only some or key sites at a time

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As a digital business, your network needs the right technology to enable it to be flexible, secure and agile.

You also need to integrate the old with the new, all while controlling spend. We can help you achieve this.

First we define your desired business outcomes and uncover the true state of your IT infrastructure to make informed decisions, based on fact.

We can then help you understand the benefits of a future networking strategy so that together we create a vision for the future and a transformation roadmap.

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We can cover your software defined network architecture with a fully managed service and consistent security policy so you give the best user experience while maximising efficiency, your connectivity and your cloud use.

We provide a DC-LAN refresh and interconnect with DyNS plus seamless, private and secure connectivity to public cloud through the landing zone and our private cloud with DC-LAN BT Cloud. We can also provide DyNS and a DC Cloud (Nuage) with private and secure connectivity to public cloud through the same landing zone. You can work across multiple clouds with a single view and get end-to-end visibility and control with our CMS service management platform.

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What is Diamond IP?

Take the complexity from IP Address Management with Diamond IP service from BT

Diamond IP is our IP address management (IPAM) solution which streamlines the management of your entire IPv4 and IPv6 address lifecycle across your premises, branch, remote, private and public cloud domains. 

Our comprehensive range of IPAM solutions lets you choose what works for you - we offer software, hardware and virtual appliance products, as well as managed IPAM services.

We facilitate multi-cloud IPAM with virtual appliances for AWS, Azure, Oracle VM, VMware, Hyper-V and others. And our cloud automation appliance dynamically automates the assignment and tracking of private and public cloud instance IP addressing and DNS names. We include DNS security products to supplement your defence with an in-depth protection strategy at the DNS layer.

Why invest in IP Address management (IPAM) from BT

How we streamline IPAM tasks with our expertise:

Let’s face it, IP address management (IPAM) involves very complex technology. But we can help simplify your address, DHCP and DNS management headaches with the industry’s most flexible, adaptable and broadest IPAM solutions portfolio.

The sheer volume of changes and work required to keep your IP address schemes working effectively is becoming bigger with the more devices, working from home, cloud, BYOD and IoT initiatives being driven to reduce cost and improve flexibility. That means your business experts need to work harder just to keep up, which will shortly result in work volumes exceeding the resource available. Isn’t it time you looked at alternatives?

Our experts will take over the issues and repetitive tasks that may be overwhelming your IT teams, and our flexible managed service options provide the baseline by which you can gauge and measure success.  So you can let your teams focus on the key drivers to develop your business while we deliver effective support, management and solutions that show strong business improvement trends and ROI.

Diamond IP features:

BT’s Diamond IP is designed to offer you a set of flexible and choice led options, to meet the needs and aims of your business. The flexible nature of the Sapphire technology means it can be deployed and managed flexibility – either by your own IT teams or by BT.

Diamond IP features include:

  • options for DIY, equipment only or Sapphire Infrastructure Managed services
  • Sapphire appliances which provide control and insight across backups, upgrades, monitoring and admin of the IP address schema
  • proactive trouble reporting and resolution capability on the secure Sapphire operating system, kernel, DHCP and DNS services
  • IPAM solutions options to take care of system administration, monitoring and upgrades for day-to-day updates on IP address blocks, subnets, IP address assignments, address pools, DNS domains and resource records
  • flexible and choice led deployment options, the best across the industry
  • expert advice and assistance 24/7 from our technical assistance centre with 3 comprehensive support levels to choose from.

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