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Embrace the cloud without impacting your app performance

Keep your users happy with great app performance, both now and into the future.


As you embark on your digital transformation and move more and more workloads and data into the cloud, you can face issues trying to juggle performance and security.

This is because the cloud requires a fundamentally different approach to traditional IT.

Your organisation, like many others, is experiencing a fast pace of change. To cope with this, you want your IT to be dynamic, agile and secure at scale, but you also need to keep your users happy, both now and into the future. 

What if you could embrace the cloud, protect your apps and data and deliver a great user experience – all at the same time?

By working with us, you’ll have proven blueprints for securing your business in the cloud. You can use our deep and proven experience and expertise to make sure your cloud implementations are secured at every level. Cloud agility means you can see across your entire cloud infrastructure in real-time, so you can take full advantage of different opportunities as they arise without opening your organisation up to unnecessary risk. 

Featured products

Our Managed Cloud Security is a service that combines leading cloud security solutions with our managed services and security consulting.

We offer a number of cloud-based security features that you can select, either as standalone items or bundled packages.

You don’t have to purchase or maintain any hardware, and you don’t have to manage the software licences.

Other benefits of moving to managed cloud security include:

  • getting effective, up-to-date defence
  • reducing costs and management
  • extending your current investments
  • protecting your reputation and data
  • maintaining control
  • plugging web security gaps and protecting all your users.

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The main principle of Cloud SIEM is MDR (Managed Detection and Response) which combines threat detection, incident response and collaborative threat intelligence. It enables security operation centre (SOC) teams to effectively detect and remediate cyber-attacks of all types; ranging from zero-day exploits to privilege escalation and ransomware, and our capabilities are delivered through a global network of SOC’s providing service 24x7x365.

Additionally, access to the Cloud SIEM dashboard provides a window into organisational risk posture with the ability to generate on-demand compliance reports with real status of organisation risk posture, people and processes around it.

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Our Compute Hybrid Managed Services remove the headache of globally managing different public and private clouds across your business using a consistent set of services.

Delivered through our global service organisation, you can wrap the following infrastructure:

  • traditional management of private and public cloud platforms
  • infrastructure applications
  • data
  • security
  • network.

You can leverage our skills, global scale and capabilities and use our Compute Management System as a single portal to get consistent control and governance of your IT services. You can also seamlessly migrate and manage workloads using our professional services transformation tools.

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Our public cloud solutions offer a practical, efficient and secure route into public cloud computing giving you the choice, flexibility and compliance you need.

Our Hybrid Cloud Managed services are platform-agnostic across private and public cloud.

With our services, you can: 

  • order public cloud alongside our portfolio of services on a single contract
  • get the most globally diverse choice of hybrid cloud services from us and our partners, delivered locally
  • get secure, high performance connectivity
  • be secure at all the gateways to the public cloud with Check Point security
  • control your IT infrastructure and apps from anywhere in the world with a single pane of glass
  • benefit from the expertise of our 2,000 highly skilled professional services consultants (with over 500 Microsoft and AWS accreditations)
  • solve regulatory and compliance issues in China
  • leverage our innovation with the leading cloud providers.