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Future proof your cloud infrastructure

Create an infrastructure that supports your cloud strategy now, and into the future.


The demands on your infrastructure are growing, as new applications and services drive bandwidth growth.

You’re also being asked to support a more agile, flexible organisation that's changing at pace. 

What if you could implement network technology that supports change without ripping out and replacing your legacy infrastructure?

With our bandwidth-on-demand services, you can economically flex to meet seasonal peaks or planned changes. Our Cloud Connect service uses pre-connected circuits to cloud providers, enabling new connections and additional bandwidth in a fraction of the time it would take with a traditional circuit. And we offer cloud connectivity break out direct from the branch, using our broad SD-WAN capability.

You can also implement cloud instances of popular SD-WAN solutions, so your applications can be managed across the internet, between your site and the cloud.

We can help you create a cloud infrastructure that supports your strategy now and in the future.

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What is Connect Cisco SD-WAN?

Making sophisticated, global networks easier to monitor, manage and become more agile.

As your network adapts to meet new demands it’s easy to be overwhelmed by managing and maintaining it. Not to mention the challenge of ever-increasing data traffic and security threats. We’ve created a simple way to give your key sites and people the connections they need to support them in a more dynamic global marketplace.

Connect Cisco SD-WAN is a managed SD-WAN solution* for global networks with sophisticated requirements. It’s the ideal choice as you migrate towards a software-enabled service. We’ve developed a centrally managed, cloud-hosted, and software-defined network overlay solution using Cisco vEdge hardware and licences. It comes with best-of-breed reporting built in so you can see exactly what’s happening across your network and applications.

Because it’s a fully managed service, making changes to application routing is easy – we can take care of everything from installation and configuration to monitoring.

How does Connect Cisco SD-WAN work? 

Designed with complex global networks in mind.

Coping with ever-increasing data from a complex set of applications while managing a hybrid WAN across a mix of site types is a challenge. So we’ve created a simple solution with advanced features built on our evolving dynamic network, and with the right support to make it a success.

Connect Cisco SD-WAN is agile enough to work across a range of internet and network services, giving you the ability to adapt quickly to meet new challenges and opportunities.

It comes with the vManage reporting system – an online view of all your services – for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting. And if you really want to get to the bottom of what’s going on in your network, our LiveAction service takes analytics to the next level. You’ll get real insight into your network performance to help you make informed decisions on configuration, applications, and data traffic management.

Security is built-in and you’ll get 2,500 security experts and 14 operation centres as backup.

Connect Cisco SD-WAN features:

We’re committed to delivering the best SD-WAN solutions on the market. Connect Cisco SD-WAN features include:

  • Manage reporting system – An online view of all your services for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting
  • LiveAction analytics – Network performance insight to help you make informed decisions
  • Hybrid underlay – We’ll build your secure SD-WAN on our hybrid underlay networks for intelligent traffic routing and improved application performance
  • SD-WAN Centre of Excellence (CoE) delivery – Our CoE team combine industry knowledge with local expertise to bring you fast, simple, and secure deployment

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What is Agile Connect Nuage SD-WAN?

Shape your future infrastructure, improve application performance, and meet additional bandwidth demand with BT and Nuage Networks

In a world of change you need a dynamic network to rely on. Most businesses need a flexible and agile network that can evolve at speed and scale. All user experiences (UX) must be optimised and secured, from the corporate office to home office, data centre, branch, and cloud.

Agile Connect is our unique SD-WAN solution*, combining Nokia’s Nuage Networks technology with BT’s expertise to help global businesses deliver consistently great UX, managed centrally.

It’s unique to us because it’s built on and integrated into our global network, plus it’s controlled through our portal - the same portal you can use to control your wider network services. It comes with pre-built regional gateways, hub connectivity, and added security including protection against cyber-attacks. You can control the service yourself or we can control it for you.

How does Agile Connect Nuage SD-WAN work? 

BT and Nuage fit the bill for complex, multinational enterprises.

The Nuage Networks technology creates an intelligent end-to-end network fabric, overlayed onto BT’s WAN, to connect all workloads through a single platform. It’s also embedded in our network service gateways, extending all the performance and cost benefits to the home-worker.

Our choice of right-sized, cost-efficient SD-WAN devices can be deployed anywhere, with consistent visibility and policy control, helping you provide more flexible return-to-office or home-working options, and future-proofing your business against disruption.

Our service also makes network governance easier, enabling customised and consistently applied security policies – and you can ensure home-workers are subject to the same security protocols as if they were in the office. You can also securely segment your network from within its perimeter by using micro-segmentation across devices and applications, protecting from within and enhancing security even further.

Agile Connect Nuage SD-WAN features:

We’re committed to delivering the best SD-WAN solutions* on the market. Agile Connect Nuage SD-WAN features include:

  • Seamless network performance – Give executives the performance they expect. No more screen freezes on company-side broadcasts!
  • Secure access – Give knowledge workers optimised and secure access to information to do their jobs
  • Home worker support – Extend visibility and performance to remote workers, giving them the speed to access public cloud-hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications and a secured connection to privately hosted IT systems
  • Simplified transformation – Understand where to use internet services and where to keep MPLS to reduce costs and control bandwidth
  • Minimised risk of downtime – Our experts will judge how quickly to transform, migrating only some or key sites at a time

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As more networks, devices, users and clouds are added to your organisation it’s more difficult to paint a single and complete picture of how your IT is working.  Where does your network need some fine-tuning and where does it need an overhaul?

Our Connect Intelligence services include:

  • full application landscape and underlay (e.g Internet) visibility
  • complete user experience monitoring for home and office workers
  • faster responses for key apps like O365 and Salesforce – up to 10 x faster
  • reduced data transmission across the network (up to 90%).

Our partners bring the technology, like Riverbed, Cisco (AppD and ThousandEyes), offering software and cloud-based solutions, and we’ll implement and manage the experience with you on flexible start slow and grow, commercial models. Using our experts to make sure your infrastructure is ready for your next business challenge.

What is Internet Connect?

Global internet access services to suit all your sites, however large or small

The internet is the foundation of the way we work today. To connect all your customers, suppliers, offices, and employees, you need a cost-effective global internet access and broadband solution you can rely on.

As business moves toward hybrid networking models, your users will expect you to buy the best available internet with performance and reliability prioritised. The combined reach of our core network and our carefully selected third parties means Internet Connect can help your network solution span the globe – with the right offer at the right price, under a single contract and service agreement.

How does Internet Connect work?

Improving your internet connected world.

In a complex world of distributed architecture and applications, you need reliable global ISP solutions with experienced partners who have the tools, systems, network security expertise, and relationships to track and resolve any issues quickly.

We deliver and manage your internet connections for you, removing the headache of dealing with multiple suppliers in different locations around the world and providing cost-effective connectivity into more than 190 countries. As you grow into new locations, Internet Connect lets you simply add these connections into your managed service agreement, maintaining a consistent and simplified look and feel to your network.

Our Multi Service Access (MSA) agreement also lets you combine MPLS and internet over the same access, so you can use some of your current MPLS bandwidth to connect directly into the internet without waiting for new installs.

Internet Connect features:

We’re committed to delivering the best global internet and broadband services on the market. Internet Connect offers you:

  • A fully-managed solution – We deliver and manage all your global internet connections, removing the headache of dealing with multiple suppliers around the world
  • Burstable Bandwidth – You’ll have the flexibility a digital business needs, adding new capability to control bandwidth costs while maximising agility
  • MPLS IP VPN integration – Secure gateways around the world with our own internet and MPLS services reduce cost and time compared to new, physical connections
  • 24/7/365 support – You can rest assured we’ll meet our commitment to you with expert support to help you resolve any issues you may encounter.

Internet Connect benefits:

What benefits will Internet Connect bring to your business?

  • Reduced management complexity – Our service is fully-managed, leaving you time to focus on the business-critical work only you can do
  • High performance for a better customer experience – Uncontended (1:1), synchronous bandwidth lets your applications perform at their best
  • Global reach for smaller remote sites – We offer many lower-priced options to suit the needs of your smaller and more remote sites and users, including ADSL, VDSL, SDSL, and radio/Wi-Fi
  • Resilience and choice – We design and configure networks that provide high up-time and come with centralised, co-ordinated global support
  • Improved security – We have 3,000+ security professionals protecting our network, and offer options like DDoS and cloud-based firewalls.

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What is SD Fabric?

The freedom of the cloud, in your own private data centre.

Many organisations want to move their applications to the public cloud, but security and regulatory concerns can make that difficult. They require a bespoke approach that only works in a private data centre. SD Fabric (Cisco ACI) gives you the best of both worlds.

Building on Cisco’s ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) technology, our fully-managed software defined data centre solution brings cloud-like flexibility to your existing data centres for increased automation, agility, and productivity.

You’ll get a new DC-LAN solution that meets the ever-increasing demands that on-premises infrastructure faces, and it can easily extend into the public cloud in the future.

Why invest in our Cisco ACI-based service?

Visibility, control, and increased automation

SD Fabric is the solution your business needs if:

  • You want to reduce your networking costs
  • You want to modernise your data centre
  • If your data centre is coming to end-of-life
  • If you have an application that needs a standard, scalable, repeatable infrastructure platform
  • If you want to reduce your data centre footprint
  • If you want to move your existing Cisco ACI environment so you can manage and maintain it under a single contract

We’ll deliver, install, configure, and manage your new private cloud DC-LAN infrastructure, including Cisco Nexus 9000hardware and Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) software.

 We can provide a fully managed service including change management, proactive alerting, and incident management. And we’ll work closely with your IT team and the partners managing or migrating your applications.

SD Fabric features

We’re committed to delivering the best hybrid cloud solutions on the market. SD Fabric gives you:

  • Increased visibility, analytics and control across your own data centre environment (API)
  • A specialised team to own and manage delivery, and your ongoing service
  • Optimised networking (100Gb/s) to reduce complexity
  • A scalable and easy to grow solution without change of design
  • Cloud-like agility, with increased automation for speed of configuration and deployment of changes
  • Reduced data centre network provisioning times – cutting cost and simplifying troubleshooting and compliance
  • A common platform for physical and virtual environments
  • Agile hardware deployment as you don’t have to change the network design
  • Easy rollout that improves productivity quickly

SD Fabric benefits

What are the benefits of SD Fabric and Cisco ACI? It’s…

  • Simple - Improve productivity with greater visibility and faster, more consistent change implementation across your network – for example, a new multi-tier network or a change to a security policy
  • Agile - Make your business units’ lives easier with faster application deployment using infrastructure as code
  • Compliant - Make auditing your network simpler with access to your data via the API
  • Cost-effective - Less implementation and change costs, while a single point of management gives consistency and greater visibility to audit and verify change

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