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Get the performance your critical apps need

Identify and implement enhanced connectivity for your critical apps.


As more people use the internet, the cloud and new technologies, traditional private networks are changing into modern hybrid ones.

Such transformation can threaten your service performance. 

Sometimes you need enhanced connectivity for your critical apps, such as Skype for Business, which require a constant bit rate. But, cloud connectivity is only part of the story. You also need cloud-based monitoring and acceleration services to give your users the best performance.

What if you could implement a new solution and still have the necessary support for your design on day 1, day 30, day 365 and beyond?

Based on what you want to achieve, our discovery service and experts will help design and build your cloud infrastructure. They work with market-leading organisations, such as InfoVista, Riverbed and CloudReach, to understand your current IT estate, as well as what infrastructure you need in order to support your future cloud strategy. 

With us, you’ll have support for your solution throughout its life, not just at initial deployment. We’ll continue to partner with your organisation so you have optimum application management and service performance.

Featured products

Our Compute Hybrid Managed Services remove the headache of globally managing different public and private clouds across your business using a consistent set of services.

Delivered through our global service organisation, you can wrap the following infrastructure:

  • traditional management of private and public cloud platforms
  • infrastructure applications
  • data
  • security
  • network.

You can leverage our skills, global scale and capabilities and use our Compute Management System as a single portal to get consistent control and governance of your IT services. You can also seamlessly migrate and manage workloads using our professional services transformation tools.

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Our Compute for Microsoft Azure solution is a practical, efficient and secure route into public cloud computing which gives you choice, flexibility and compliance.

With Compute for Microsoft Azure, you: 

  • can order Microsoft Azure alongside our portfolio of services on a single contract
  • get the most globally diverse choice of hybrid cloud services from us and Microsoft, delivered locally
  • get secure, high performance connectivity
  • are secure with Check Point security at all the gateways to Microsoft’s cloud
  • can control your IT infrastructure and apps from anywhere in the world with a single pane of glass
  • benefit from our expertise with 2,000 highly skilled professional services consultants (256 Microsoft accredited) around the world.

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Buying more bandwidth to support your bandwidth-hungry applications is an expensive and not really the best solution. Our Connect Intelligence services can improve the performance of your applications and processes because they:

  • monitor their performance and that of your network
  • run diagnostics and provide acceleration and optimisation, and
  • can deliver SD-WAN style routing.

We partner with the leading providers, such as InfoVista and Riverbed, offering hardware and cloud-based solutions, and we’re the first to launch brand new, flexible commercial models for their services. We also offer the experience and expertise to ensure a successful solution.

The growth in cloud-based applications is one of the most significant changes in recent times.

This has been driven by the move to cloud-based services, such as Microsoft O365 and Salesforce and the availability of low cost storage services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The internet doesn’t always provide the connectivity you need to these important services. It needs to be a secure, reliable, high performance connection, so we offer connectivity to cloud providers from our MPLS network. We already have connections to Microsoft, AWS, Salesforce, DXC technology, Oracle, IBM and Google. We can provide you high performance, secure connections to these services from your BT network in a few days.

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The internet offers ever-increasing bandwidths at a reducing cost per megabit.

As you try to meet your ever-increasing bandwidth demands, you may be looking to the internet as one of your solutions.

Internet connectivity is a broad term. Business grade and consumer grade internet are very different services. Our business grade internet service is a dedicated solution that gives you high performance and availability with the services support you need. We also offer uncontended internet services, like consumer services, which come with lower levels of service and performance, but also a much lower price.

We can offer the right internet solution for you, wherever you are.

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Our Managed Cloud Security is a service that combines leading cloud security solutions with our managed services and security consulting.

We offer a number of cloud-based security features that you can select, either as standalone items or bundled packages.

You don’t have to purchase or maintain any hardware, and you don’t have to manage the software licences.

Other benefits of moving to managed cloud security include:

  • getting effective, up-to-date defence
  • reducing costs and management
  • extending your current investments
  • protecting your reputation and data
  • maintaining control
  • plugging web security gaps and protecting all your users.

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