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Integrate your video collaboration technologies

Free your users from the frustrations of complex video conferences.


You want to communicate across multiple video platforms from many devices – connecting your people via easy-to-use video collaboration without sacrificing any existing investments you’ve made.

But, historically, you’ve found scheduling and launching video conferences to be far more complicated and frustrating than you want it to be.

So, what if you could simplify your entire user journey – from booking a call, right through to set-up and the overall meeting experience?

Video integration allows you to get the most out of your existing video conferencing equipment and lets everyone join – no matter where they are or what equipment they’re using.

By engineering products together, we deliver a full range of video conferencing solutions that combine familiar, easily accessible user interfaces with voice and video endpoints. And we work with you to deliver a rich collaboration experience across all your meeting spaces.


Featured products

One Collaborate video offers you:

  • a single, consistent user interface, so you simply use whatever video-enabled device or software you have available to connect easily to your conference
  • video bridging which protects your legacy investments by bridging the different technologies you've acquired or bought over time
  • connections carried over our high-bandwidth global network, so you can enjoy High Definition video with no drops or lags
  • no infrastructure to buy or manage and no maintenance contract. We’ll install the equipment and integrate it with your systems, and also provide on-boarding for your teams, as well as on-going support and maintenance.

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