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Make the most of collaboration by moving to the cloud

Transfer your telephony and transform your productivity.


You want to make it easier for your people to communicate and share information, while at the same time driving productivity and reducing your costs across things like PSTN and mobile.

But there’s a problem: you don’t have the requisite IT skills.

What if you could use your existing data network to connect into a cloud service, and introduce new collaboration tools without having to find large amounts of capex or in-house IT expertise?

Then, all your branches, home and mobile workers could all connect to the network through whatever access works for them – broadband, the internet, wi-fi or 4G. They’d all have the latest collaboration tools they need, so they could share information more easily and speed up decision-making. 

Featured products

One Cloud monitoring is an experience management solution for even the largest unified communications environments.

Our solution with IR Prognosis: 

  • gives you a real-time dashboard view over multi-vendor technologies
  • knows when issues occur and resolves them before they become business-affecting
  • simplifies troubleshooting with granular call quality data, analysis and historical data
  • has no upfront costs, no need for any onsite equipment and is available on a pay-as-you-go model - per user, per month
  • optimises performance and provides a complete end-to-end view of your environment for a superior quality user experience
  • supports multiple vendors and technologies across UC, contact centre and web.

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Our cloud-based voice and collaboration platform gives you voice, instant messaging and presence, video and desktop sharing on a pay-per-user, per month basis.

We can offer you:  

  • a single global price including user, shared connectivity to the platform and centralised PSTN breakout
  • self-service administration though My Account and fast, accurate deployment with our Bulk Load Tool
  • the ability to quickly add other applications, such as Cisco Spark
  • data centres around the world – dual data centres, geographically separated in North America, UK and Asia Pacific managing over 200,000 users
  • security and compliance capabilities that meet ISO27001 standards.

Our One Mobile secure access solution lets your employees, contractors or any third party securely connect to your infrastructure.

Your users can connect wherever they are, from virtually any device, using client, clientless or browser-based access. As a simple-to-use secure, cloud service, the solution replaces on-premise gateways with a software gateway in our cloud.

With gateways around the world, your mobile users will have a great experience. There is minimal capital outlay, a simple monthly fee, and the costs of providing in-house access platforms are gone forever.

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Helping your people get started with the new cloud technology you've invested in is crucial - that's why we've made it the key focus of our service delivery.

Our highly experienced team of user adoption consultants and training specialists will work closely with you to put together the right programme for your needs. This’ll help increase satisfaction amongst users, improve the service launch experience and accelerate adoption as users embrace and learn to evolve with the new service.

We’ll help your people understand the change they’ll experience, create awareness of the service and educate them. We provide you with expert advice on how to launch successfully, share assets to help engage your users and provide training

With our proven methodology and experience, we’ll help you and your people get the most value from the cloud technology you’ve invested in. 

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