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Manage your critical sites securely

Get secure high-performance connectivity between your critical sites.


Your organisation’s most important sites might range anywhere from factories to oil rigs, trading floors to chemical plants, or military sites to nuclear reactors.

Regardless of your industry, you rely on secure, high-performance connectivity, but that doesn’t mean you want to miss out on new opportunities technology offers. You want to evolve your infrastructure, without the risk of compromise or downtime. And if you fail to meet this need, your revenue and your reputation could suffer.

So, what if you could have smooth, secure and uninterrupted operations with the highest assurance and resiliency built-in?

Our MPLS network can help you achieve just that. Combine this with tried and tested contingencies and the ability to enforce rigorous access and security policies, and you’ll be in a strong position whatever may happen.

With us, you can combine our experience MPLS connectivity with future network technologies without the potential security risks and challenges.


Featured products

MPLS isn’t dead. It’s the backbone of any global network, delivering global availability, performance and security.

And as bandwidth demand escalates, our 10GB capability becomes increasingly attractive. Cloud connectivity is also key, and sometimes the internet just isn’t enough. We give you secure and reliable direct connection to a range of different cloud providers, such as Microsoft, Amazon, SalesForce and IBM. Our MPLS is also the perfect platform for new network services, like SD-WANs, that use MPLS as part of a hybrid network to improve the performance of your applications.

We have decades of experience in delivering and supporting global MPLS-based networks.

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Buying more bandwidth to support your bandwidth-hungry applications is an expensive and not really the best solution. Our Connect Intelligence services can improve the performance of your applications and processes because they:

  • monitor their performance and that of your network
  • run diagnostics and provide acceleration and optimisation, and
  • can deliver SD-WAN style routing.

We partner with the leading providers, such as InfoVista and Riverbed, offering hardware and cloud-based solutions, and we’re the first to launch brand new, flexible commercial models for their services. We also offer the experience and expertise to ensure a successful solution.

This fully managed, secure solution is delivered using our experience in large scale deployment and application management.

We offer best-of-breed reporting and analytics to improve your SD-WAN visibility and control.   

Our managed solution is a great choice as you migrate towards a software-enabled service. It lets you:

  • see your whole network online
  • better route your important applications
  • stay secure with an encrypted network
  • use orchestration to integrate your other services more easily
  • scale your network as it becomes more complex.

And, if needed, our dedicated specialist team can also do the configuration and maintenance of your SD-WAN service in-life.

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The growth in cloud-based applications is one of the most significant changes in recent times.

This has been driven by the move to cloud-based services, such as Microsoft O365 and Salesforce and the availability of low cost storage services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The internet doesn’t always provide the connectivity you need to these important services. It needs to be a secure, reliable, high performance connection, so we offer connectivity to cloud providers from our MPLS network. We already have connections to Microsoft, AWS, Salesforce, DXC technology, Oracle, IBM and Google. We can provide you high performance, secure connections to these services from your BT network in a few days.

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Compute Protect:

  • Enhances your protection by eliminating the operational pains of emergency patching, frequent patch cycles, and costly system downtime
  • Reduces your complexity by managing and configuring the different security modules from a single place
  • Simplifies your management through automating repetitive and resource-intensive security tasks, reducing false-positive security alerts, etc
  • makes sure you’re compliant with HIPAA, HITECH, NIST, and SAS 70 with one integrated and cost-effective solution
  • Remains flexible with no committed contract, so you can ‘turn-off’ security modules whenever you like.

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