Manage your large branch networks

Flex your network of branches quickly and easily to meet market demand.


As a large organisation, you need to be more responsive to ever-changing market demands and opportunities.

And when setting up new sites, you need to be up and running as fast as possible, securely and reliably connected to your company network and the wider internet.

What if you could flex your network of branches and remote offices quickly and easily to meet market demand? 

Technologies, such as SD-WAN, can help you do this. Instead of needing a skilled engineer or technician on-site to configure hardware and software, you can now have a plug-and-play SD-WAN box, which auto-configures and delivers a secure connection to your corporate network quickly and easily. 

The next stage of your transformation is virtualisation. Functions such as your firewalls, acceleration and CPE services, will no longer be delivered via hardware. This means you don’t have to take into account shipping time for any kit, nor do you need local technical support. 

And as you make changes to your customer experience – by adding things like customer wi-fi or networks to support increased use of devices in your branches – your network is no longer the barrier to change.


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The internet offers ever-increasing bandwidths at a reducing cost per megabit.

As you try to meet your ever-increasing bandwidth demands, you may be looking to the internet as one of your solutions.

Internet connectivity is a broad term. Business grade and consumer grade internet are very different services. Our business grade internet service is a dedicated solution that gives you high performance and availability with the services support you need. We also offer uncontended internet services, like consumer services, which come with lower levels of service and performance, but also a much lower price.

We can offer the right internet solution for you, wherever you are.

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Connect Meraki SD-WAN brings together the key components of any future branch solution – LAN, wireless LAN, security with SD-WAN.

The SD-WAN capability gives you greater control and helps meet your ever-increasing bandwidth demand. It combines Cisco’s Meraki technology with our management capability, which means:

  • Expertise – we design, implement and optimise your solution
  • Global – we provide the logistics to deliver and support you globally
  • Network – we can provide the all-important underlay network, where ever you are
  • Security – we can overlay our award-winning security capability to enhance your solution
  • Experience – we have proven capability to deliver successful global network solutions.

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Agile Connect is our unique SD-WAN solution. It’s ideal for branch solutions, offering fast, simple site set-up, easy control and our added security wrap.

Because it’s an SD-WAN, you can meet additional bandwidth demand and improve the performance of your priority applications.

It’s unique to us because it’s built on, and integrated into, our global network, plus it’s controlled through our portal - the same portal you can use to control your wider network services. It comes already built with regional gateways, hub connectivity, and added security including against cyber attacks. You can control the service yourself, or we can control it for you, and our service wrap will make sure you have a successful solution.

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Buying more bandwidth to support your bandwidth-hungry applications is an expensive and not really the best solution. Our Connect Intelligence services can improve the performance of your applications and processes because they:

  • monitor their performance and that of your network
  • run diagnostics and provide acceleration and optimisation, and
  • can deliver SD-WAN style routing.

We partner with the leading providers, such as InfoVista and Riverbed, offering hardware and cloud-based solutions, and we’re the first to launch brand new, flexible commercial models for their services. We also offer the experience and expertise to ensure a successful solution.

As a digital business, your network needs the right technology to enable it to be flexible, secure and agile.

You also need to integrate the old with the new, all while controlling spend. We can help you achieve this.

First we define your desired business outcomes and uncover the true state of your IT infrastructure to make informed decisions, based on fact.

We can then help you understand the benefits of a future networking strategy so that together we create a vision for the future and a transformation roadmap.

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