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You know greater collaboration leads to greater business success.

And you want to gain a competitive edge by increasing motivation, efficiency and productivity, while making tangible savings through reduced travel, faster decision-making and greater output.

Making new technology available is one step. But to succeed, you need to get all your people on board.

What if you could ensure your employees have the knowledge and skills to use your new collaboration tools with confidence?

This would mean providing the awareness, coaching and education they need to understand how collaboration can improve their working lives – transforming the way they work using technology best suited to their role.

We can assess your environment, audience and what you want the technology to deliver in order to help you build and execute a tailored UC adoption plan for your organisation.

Featured products

The Zoom you love with the choice, integration and security you need.

We all have our preferred platform when it comes to virtual meetings and video calls.

With Zoom Meetings from BT you don’t have to worry about which collaboration tool your people prefer, because we can deploy them all, giving you the integration, experience and security you need.

Our automated deployment means you’ll be up and running quickly and with our tailored adoption service we’ll make sure your solution supports your business needs - and your users.

Security is in our DNA and our meetings solutions are no exception. Zoom Meetings from BT gives you all the benefits of the simple Zoom user experience that’s BT security verified.

You’re in control of what you spend too, only paying for the employees that use it. It’s a scalable, flexible, managed service that you pay for per user per month. With or without licences.

Our end-to-end proactive monitoring detects issues anywhere in the system – whether it’s your office network, mobile, wi-fi or even a traditional phone line – and resolves them before they impact your call.

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Helping your people get started with the new cloud technology you've invested in is crucial - that's why we've made it the key focus of our service delivery.

Our highly experienced team of user adoption consultants and training specialists will work closely with you to put together the right programme for your needs. This’ll help increase satisfaction amongst users, improve the service launch experience and accelerate adoption as users embrace and learn to evolve with the new service.

We’ll help your people understand the change they’ll experience, create awareness of the service and educate them. We provide you with expert advice on how to launch successfully, share assets to help engage your users and provide training

With our proven methodology and experience, we’ll help you and your people get the most value from the cloud technology you’ve invested in. 

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