Use Case · 23 Apr 2018

Reduce your voice communication costs

Make savings from your IP-PBX voice communications.


You’ve updated your on-premises communication systems to the latest IP technology, but you may still be paying more than necessary for your calls to PSTN numbers and other branches.

You could also be paying more than you need to for international calling.

You want more control over your services and to use your data network to deliver and receive calls from the public network from each of your locations – with all sites sharing a common pool of channels, and without the hassle of having to change your numbers.

So, what if you could have a single infrastructure for all your comms?

That way, you’d need up to 30% fewer channels for your PSTN calls, and calls to all your other locations would incur no additional costs as they’d be on-net. Your international calls would also break out in the most appropriate location, reducing your costs too.

Using a network reporting portal, we can help to make sure you’re using your infrastructure in the most effective way. We can also help you port over your existing numbers, minimising disruption to your business, and set you up to make changes to your channels easily and simply, via a dedicated portal.

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SIP trunks provide you with an IP alternative to traditional PSTN delivered over IP Connect and can reduce your costs by:

  • removing expensive interfaces to the PSTN
  • reducing the number of trunks needed by up to 30 per cent
  • giving you low cost international PSTN minutes
  • self-service administration and reporting giving you control and flexibility over your communications
  • centralised SIP – no need to segregate (logically partition) SIP traffic per country
  • fully compliant with in-country regulation, supports multiple codecs.

Our One Voice platform offers SIP services in 73 countries, with full PSTN replacement in 21. We support 350+ customers, with over 380,000 channels.

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