Retain data sovereignty

Get greater control of your data as it becomes more widely distributed.


Your data needs to be strictly controlled, whether for practical, performance or regulatory reasons, like GDPR across Europe.

Which means every process, IT application, and area of your digital infrastructure has to be compliant and accountable for the protection and location of data.

But as the digital world continues to grow, and traditional security perimeters start to shift, critical and personal data has become more widely distributed and is more at risk from threats. 

What if you could minimise these threats with the best storage technologies for your organisation, while delivering more operational efficiency and better value from your capital spend? 

We can help remove complexity and give you the highest levels of choice, flexibility and control, as well as enterprise-class security. You control where your data is stored, replicated or archived, so you can be confident you’re compliant with local and regional regulations. 

And because with cloud storage you only pay for what you use, you can grow with your business needs.


Featured products

You can extend file storage, data protection and sharing across your business and consolidate remote office storage infrastructure – while your data is hosted in the country you choose and under your control.

Using our Compute Management System as a single point of control for all your BT Compute services, you can create your personal, flexible, long-term back-up or file sync and share services in the cloud.

Object-based storage makes data accessible on any device and BT Compute Storage has unshared enterprise grade security to reduce your risk.

We also offer a transparent archiving service, BT Compute Storage FileFly, to help you reduce costs and retrieve data when needed.

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You need your IT infrastructure to be as agile, flexible, secure and cost-effective as possible.

Cloud can help you achieve this, but how do you make sure you get the most from a solution and it meets your needs?

Our consultants can:

  • assess your readiness for cloud by analysing your existing IT environment
  • optimise your cloud solution by looking at your business processes, requirements, data, applications and infrastructure
  • move your applications to the cloud in the right way for you
  • design a data centre strategy which will ensure your data is well managed and stored in the right way for you
  • consolidate your data centre systems to improve performance. 

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