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Securely manage multiple cloud providers

Know who is responsible for what, so you can effectively manage your security.


You want a dynamic, multi-cloud hybrid environment that delivers you agility, innovation and cost savings at scale.

But cloud security is a shared technology model, so different cloud providers implement and manage different parts of your stack. This introduces a certain level of risk.

What if you could know exactly who is responsible for what in any given cloud project? 

We can help with ordering, deployment and in-life-support to make sure your solution works. We can also bring you the best technology from world-class vendors to help future-proof your investment and maximise your protection. 

This includes:

  • real-time scanning of all inbound and outbound web traffic from within your network, corporate or BYOD, distributed branches, workers, and systems
  • managing the control of access to cloud and social media apps
  • defining your web access policy rules and permissions for all global users and apps
  • applying changes in real-time through an online management portal.

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