Securely manage multiple cloud providers

Know who is responsible for what, so you can effectively manage your security.


You want a dynamic, multi-cloud hybrid environment that delivers you agility, innovation and cost savings at scale.

But cloud security is a shared technology model, so different cloud providers implement and manage different parts of your stack. This introduces a certain level of risk.

What if you could know exactly who is responsible for what in any given cloud project? 

We can help with ordering, deployment and in-life-support to make sure your solution works. We can also bring you the best technology from world-class vendors to help future-proof your investment and maximise your protection. 

This includes:

  • real-time scanning of all inbound and outbound web traffic from within your network, corporate or BYOD, distributed branches, workers, and systems
  • managing the control of access to cloud and social media apps
  • defining your web access policy rules and permissions for all global users and apps
  • applying changes in real-time through an online management portal.

Featured products

The main principle of Cloud SIEM is MDR (Managed Detection and Response) which combines threat detection, incident response and collaborative threat intelligence. It enables security operation centre (SOC) teams to effectively detect and remediate cyber-attacks of all types; ranging from zero-day exploits to privilege escalation and ransomware, and our capabilities are delivered through a global network of SOC’s providing service 24x7x365.

Additionally, access to the Cloud SIEM dashboard provides a window into organisational risk posture with the ability to generate on-demand compliance reports with real status of organisation risk posture, people and processes around it.

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Through a self-service portal, you get the tools, resources and flexibility – to put in place perfectly tailored cloud solutions to meet the practical challenges of your business.

Cloud Compute gives you:

  • flexible commercials - you only pay for what you use
  • more speed and agility - create or change your service in response to new demands in seconds
  • flexibility and scalability - scale your public and private clouds to match your changing needs, and bring in new applications as you need them
  • enterprise class security and less risk
  • data sovereignty – you know where you data is hosted at all times, in a location your choice.

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Our Compute Hybrid Managed Services remove the headache of globally managing different public and private clouds across your business using a consistent set of services.

Delivered through our global service organisation, you can wrap the following infrastructure:

  • traditional management of private and public cloud platforms
  • infrastructure applications
  • data
  • security
  • network.

You can leverage our skills, global scale and capabilities and use our Compute Management System as a single portal to get consistent control and governance of your IT services. You can also seamlessly migrate and manage workloads using our professional services transformation tools.

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GDPR makes ‘data protection by design and by default’ a legal obligation. To comply with this, you have to embed data protection at every level of your business and bake them into all of your processes. It means you have to take privacy into account throughout the whole lifecycle of each of your business activities to minimise privacy risks and avoid the infringement of data protection rules.

We can help you achieve this, by putting in place a combination of detective and preventative, proactive and reactive security controls. Together, we can make sure every process, IT application, and area of your infrastructure revolves around the protection of privacy.

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Our Managed Cloud Security is a service that combines leading cloud security solutions with our managed services and security consulting.

We offer a number of cloud-based security features that you can select, either as standalone items or bundled packages.

You don’t have to purchase or maintain any hardware, and you don’t have to manage the software licences.

Other benefits of moving to managed cloud security include:

  • getting effective, up-to-date defence
  • reducing costs and management
  • extending your current investments
  • protecting your reputation and data
  • maintaining control
  • plugging web security gaps and protecting all your users.

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