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The advanced cloud-based collaboration features of Microsoft’s Teams platform are welcome developments, but if there’s no integration with your existing voice platforms, it can limit the system’s effectiveness.

What if your people could call numbers outside the Microsoft cloud from within the Teams environment? And what if the platform was augmented so you could be sure of resilient networking, reliable security and state-of-the-art voice enablement?

We bring together Microsoft Teams for intelligent communications and collaboration with our global voice and network services, giving you a managed, end-to-end service with advanced monitoring and a choice of voice calling plans. This eliminates your system integration and management headaches and gives your people a fully integrated, feature-rich and highly resilient set of UC tools – all from within the Teams interface they know. 

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One user adoption solution makes sure your employees embrace your collaboration solutions. With our proven methodology we’ve helped organisations achieve up to 80 per cent user adoption levels within four months.

Through awareness, coaching and education, we show how collaboration will dramatically improve your staff's working lives.

Recognising your environment, audience and what you want the technology to deliver, we work with you to build and execute your tailored plan.

It can be tough to change the systems and habits your employees use to get their jobs done, but with the right communications, information, training and support, it can happen quickly and seamlessly.

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We’ve combined our global SIP services with Microsoft Teams to give you a direct routing capability which provides PSTN calling to Microsoft Teams. We offer you:

  • direct routing solutions, including session border controller configuration and management
  • a choice of voice calling plans over our global SIP network, according to your requirements
  • administration and management of Microsoft Teams providing an end-to-end service wrap
  • integration services to existing voice platforms, ensuring continued use of existing investments
  • advanced quality of experience monitoring, so your end users get the most out of Teams.

We’re a key global launch partner for the Microsoft Teams Direct Routing service.

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