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You can’t do business without meetings. So you want to be able to bring diverse groups together simply, reliably and securely – irrespective of where they are in the world and what devices they’re using.

You also want to be able to schedule and manage meetings effectively and make sure participants have all the tools they need to collaborate quickly and smoothly.

What if you could have fully managed, cloud-based access to Cisco’s Webex platform, with video, document, application and screen sharing, whiteboarding, recording and annotation features? And what if it integrated easily with productivity tools from Microsoft, Google, etc, securely and reliably from any device?

We offer a full service wrap for all Webex Meeting licenses, from a managed migration through to in-life adoption and support, so your workforce can use the solution with confidence from day one. We deliver the state-of-the-art functionality you need to help your workforce collaborate more effectively. 

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One user adoption solution makes sure your employees embrace your collaboration solutions. With our proven methodology we’ve helped organisations achieve up to 80 per cent user adoption levels within four months.

Through awareness, coaching and education, we show how collaboration will dramatically improve your staff's working lives.

Recognising your environment, audience and what you want the technology to deliver, we work with you to build and execute your tailored plan.

It can be tough to change the systems and habits your employees use to get their jobs done, but with the right communications, information, training and support, it can happen quickly and seamlessly.

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Webex Meetings is a single solution that makes it simple and easy for all your users to join meetings globally, from any location, on any device.

It helps provide a better meeting experience, with a hi-quality, cost-effective solution for mobile, desktop and video rooms.  All working together.

You get:

Simple and smart meetings

  • benefits of cost savings from using just one meetings solution and on-net calls
  • a simpler and better user experience to help change behaviour
  • increased productivity by making it simpler and easier to get stuff done.

From every meeting space

  • sweat the investments you’ve already made and drive a ROI of your video estate
  • supported workforce using video with none of the management headache
  • more productive meetings, quicker decision making and less travel and disruption.

New opportunities

  • by connecting with contacts outside your organisation quickly and easily, giving them the best collaboration options.
  • collaborating with external contacts over video with a range of easy to use, secure controls and features
  • through quality meetings while minimising costs by keeping calls on-net, if you have a BT network.

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Get in contact with one of our experts to discuss your needs

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