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BT and EE – 360 opportunities, by Miguel Rodriguez, EE


12 October 2016

Miguel-María Rodriguez

Blogs by author:  Miguel-María Rodriguez , Head of International Commercial Wholesale, EE.


As a former EE team, becoming part of the BT Group has meant hearing and talking about synergies from the very beginning, and these synergies have already started to bear fruit.

This is exciting times within the Roaming industry, with very relevant changes at Regulatory level within the EU, meaning the greatest possibilities ever for our BT and EE customers using mobile services abroad, but we can tell it is even more exciting at EE since we joined the BT Group.

In the Commercial Roaming team we are responsible for getting the best cost for BT and EE customers in any foreign destination, while attracting as much traffic on the BT and EE network from our roaming partners (foreign mobile operators) as possible. After becoming part of BT:

  • We still are and will continue to be recognized as EE and, therefore, the UK’s network leader flag bearers, which is paramount for other operators around the world to choose us as the place where their customers will connect when roaming in the UK.
  • Becoming BT we can leverage better the existing relationships of the BT Group in order to improve both BT and EE customer experience even further.
  • By working together we are able to provide a more complete portfolio of solutions to our external partners on the wholesale side, improving company’s position as a world reference. This would not be limited to cellular roaming, but would also include a number of other growing businesses, like wi-fi roaming, IPX, HD voice… you name it.

This is what synergies are all about.

This is what BT 360 is all about: it is about being both BT and EE at the same time; it is about working together; more closely to colleagues who have all of a sudden become teammates; more closely to our external partners who have more business to do with us and better reasons to do it; about making the BT Group bigger; it is about the Wholesale Voice and Roaming team demonstrating 1 + 1 can be more than 2.

My team and I will be at GSMA WAS#4 event in Dublin from 31 October-3 November and at LTE Africa and Africacom in Cape Town from 15-17 November. We would love to meet you there. To schedule a meeting, please write to us or contact your account manager.


Miguel-María Rodriguez
Commercial Roaming Manager, EE

Miguel is Commercial Roaming Manager in BT coming from EE, where he joined back in May 2015.

Prior to that, he worked as Corporate International Roaming Manager at Orange Corporate in London, with Group worldwide responsibilities over partnerships, negotiations with external suppliers and project management. He previously worked for Orange and Telefonica R&D in Spain.

Miguel holds a Telecommunication Engineering degree from Carlos III University in Madrid, and an Executive MBA from ESIC Business & Marketing School.

He is a massive football and running fan who also enjoys basketball and sports in general.