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Our new indirect collaboration proposition now with the power of Dolby


15 December 2016

Global Wholesale

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Provide new collaboration tools to your enterprise customers with stunning audio from Dolby based collaboration services.

Collaboration matters to every enterprise customer.

Should you care about your collaboration services offerings? The short answer is yes. Collaboration is, undoubtedly, an important part for your customers. Nine out of ten people believe that collaboration becomes more important as technology changes the way we work . The key question is: How to make this into a compelling service that your enterprise customers see as a valuable addition to their IT landscape?

The answer is to offer conferencing services that overcome the issues of traditional audio conferencing relying on legacy phone technology and lead to unclear and unproductive situations. Weak mobile signals, embarrassing background noise levels, issues in joining bridges with complex number schemes and PIN entries, call drops and no way for the organiser to manage the participants properly – the pitfalls of audio conferences are so numerous that they often feed popular comic strip content.

Unparalleled audio experience you have to experience to believe

Using technology like BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice, BT customers can already collaborate with clarity — making it feel like every attendee is in the room with you, no matter where they’re calling from. Dolby achieves those improvements by digitally separating voices, making it clear who’s speaking, even when multiple people speak at the same time. Dolby Voice speakers even make it sound like different voices are coming from different areas of the room, adding to the illusion that the speakers are there with you. On top of that, Dolby Voice cuts out background noise, letting you hear people with clarity, even if they’re in a busy coffee shop. And because the interface is so simple to use, it’s easy to set up calls, access calling features and manage meetings.

Use our cloud to boost your collaboration portfolio

BT has now added Dolby audio conferencing service to its indirect channel offerings. This offers you some immediate benefits:

  • You enhance your collaboration offerings with state-of-the-art services to help you differentiate in the market
  • BT provides you access to the BT-Dolby technology partnership to accelerate your time-to-market
  • We provide you with in-depth training to get your sales force hit the ground running on your new offers delivering to your business results quickly
  • We offer services for user activation within your customers’ organisations to drive acceptance, adoption and volumes
  • Our indirect model ensures that you can offer the service without reference to BT while retaining the advantage of Dolby branding

Are you interested? Then don’t lose time. Talk to us today for a demonstration on what you can offer your customers quickly and without the need for up-front investment. Your account and channel manager will set a time for a show-case visit in one of our showcases around the globe, so you can experience the technology first hand. If you are looking for additional indirect opportunities, make sure to check our BT Alliance portal.