Global Wholesale

Enhance your enterprise portfolio with inbound services to create more revenue without upfront cost


14 December 2016

Global Wholesale

Blogs by author:  Global Wholesale , We can bring all the advantages of a networked, converged world to your operator, carrier or service provider business. Learn more about why BT is the right choice for your wholesale requirements around the world.


Successful customer relationship management and a great end user experience are the key market differentiators for enterprise organisations. They look to you as their carrier and service provider for helping them achieve this in a digital multi-channel world at a competitive cost. Here you have to make the decision on how to source the core elements that you offer in your CRM portfolio. This includes:

  • Modern cloud services supporting your customers to provide information for the digital consumer
  • Contact Centre Services tailored to your enterprise customers’ requirements either on premises or directly from the cloud
  • Inbound services to seamlessly offer the last step of the digital journey – direct enterprise to end-user interaction

BT helps you create perfect-fit portfolio elements for all the steps in the digital customer journey through our Cloud-of-Clouds offerings or next generation contact centre solutions. The critical last – and in some customer interactions most important step, offering the customer global, regional and national inbound solutions into the enterprise call centre infrastructure, is often underestimated.

Enterprises look to you to solve their CRM challenges

Providing follow-the-sun national and international calling solutions with different payment options for the end user that are tailored to the enterprise’ go to market strategy can be complex. It needs to include Freephone, geographic and premium options that are routed seamlessly into the call centre structure the client has set up to serve their b2b or b2c end user base. Providing and maintaining this can be costly from both capex and operational perspective.

BT enables you to make your customer’s CRM shine

BT offers an easy solution for you to accomplish both the enhancement of your portfolio and the reduction of investment and operational expenditure. Through our indirect channel global inbound services you gain access to the existing state-of-the-art BT inbound solutions and can embed the following inbound features into your portfolio:

  • Access from more than 170 countries
  • Domestic and International Freephone, Universal International Freephone
  • Caller-pays, Shared cost, Toll-free Direct
  • Number portability support
  • Intelligent call routing and distribution (menu based and/or load sharing)
  • Real time traffic management and reporting
  • 24×7 availability and expert support

Your enterprise customers gain access to a service that currently serves more than 75% of the world’s largest banks, 8 out of 10 of the world’s largest utility companies, 11 of the 20 largest airlines and 13 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies.

For more information on how to enhance your enterprise offer please contact us. You can also preview the capabilities here.