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29 July 2016

Keith Langridge

Blogs by author:  Keith Langridge , Vice President of Network Services, BT.


New indirect offerings from BT help you seize new segments, expand your footprint across the globe and optimise the cost of your Internet access services.

The internet is important to the way we work today. As a telecoms provider, your enterprise customers need a service they trust and they can rely on. It is a cost effective way to interconnect their offices and to communicate with their employees, home workers as well as customers and suppliers, wherever and whenever they want to connect to the internet.

In addition, internet access becomes a vital component in your customer’s ICT strategy for the cloud – combining private, hybrid and public cloud based services that you need to deliver securely, efficiently and at competitive cost.

As a result, sourcing internet access across the globe and in all the territories your customers operate is vital to your portfolio. BT is supporting you with a broad range of connectivity services on an indirect basis to achieve that with a catered menu ranging from high quality to best cost options.

Internet Connect Reach is a service to provide customers global reach for all internet connectivity requirements through a single supplier. Especially for needs of lower bandwidth at reduced costs and connectivity at difficult and cost prohibitive locations. In combination with Internet Connect Global, the Internet Connect Reach service provides an optimum cost balance between critical and non-critical sites. Reach provides best effort service for basic internet access to enterprise customers sourcing their own CPE.

According to IDC (WE EC Survey 2014), pricing and coverage are fundamental decision criteria for customers selecting a network service provider for their Internet access requirements.

BT has now added Internet Connect Reach to its indirect capabilities, complementing the existing offers on IP Connect Global (MPLS) and Internet Connect Global (high quality dedicated Internet access – DIA). This way BTs indirect channel partners can offer their customers extended internet access in more than 190+ countries that is provisioned via regional and local ISPs, but the contract relationship is simplified by BT as a single supplier. This offer includes DSL, wireless, cable, Ethernet and satellite based IP access.

We demonstrate Internet Connect in our showcases around the world. Click here to explore and contact your account manager to make an appointment. We look forward to host you in one of our locations across the globe.

In addition to its aggregated footprint through specialised suppliers in 190+ countries, BT has invested into direct ISP relationships with multiple suppliers in 22 countries and is extending this investment to 30+ countries in 2016. This offers significant cost improvements for BT channel partners and resellers compared to standard aggregation solutions:

  • It can enhance the scope for existing IP Connect Global resellers to include Internet Access into their offering with seamless automated quoting. One contract with BT as single partner can replace or complement existing aggregator solutions for cost optimisation.
  • Internet Connect (Global) Resellers can improve their cost base compared to existing aggregator based solutions with quotation support from BT.
  • New channel partners who seek global end point solutions at a best price model can benchmark their existing supplier set-up and evaluate BT as an alternative partner offering more cost control in select territories.

Talk to us today. Together we can evaluate how you can benefit from Internet Connect Reach and our other indirect service offerings to drive your business and give you the best results.


Keith Langridge
VP, Connect Portfolio, BT


Keith Langridge, vice president of network services at BT, has worked for over 30 years in the international telecoms business for BT. Keith started out in engineering roles and has been involved in a long list of wide ranging projects both in the UK and internationally. Keith’s main focus throughout has been on product development, in-life management and product marketing.

Keith is now leading the team who do development, in-life management and performance, product marketing and product withdrawal for all of BT’s UK and global network services including leading Application Performance Monitoring products.