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29 July 2016

Dhiraj Wazir

Blogs by author:  Dhiraj Wazir , Head of Interconnect & International Enablers, EE.

The fact that the wave of data growth we are riding on today is about to break into a tsunami is probably a tired cliché. Internet of Things is being touted as the next big thing with various use cases like Smart meters and health monitors already being commercialised.

The advent of 5G with speeds of 60Gbps and latency as low as 1millisecond in trails are fast bringing science fiction into fact, driverless cars and remote surgery WILL be with us before 2020.

In all the excitement no one even flinched as we crossed the inflection point, 4G has quietly evolved into a stepping stone to 5G. But it is the adoption of mass services like 4G data roaming and VoLTE roaming which will provide the fundamental platform on which minarets of more niche use cases will be monetized.

We have seen this adoption start to transform the roaming industry, after years of stagnation mired by regulation and little innovation, the space is bubbling with energy again. MNO’s have rolled out 4G footprints at speeds never seen before and din of VoLTE roaming is frankly giving everyone an ear ache. “To go down the LBO route or S8HR?” is the question still reverberating the corridors that most roaming managers walk in.

In all this excitement and change the one thing that remains unshakeable is the IPX which sits in the corner smiling reassured in the knowledge that it might not be flavour of the month but is the absolute backbone on which all the future roaming and interconnect services will be built on.

In our global wholesale portfolio it puts us in a great position as with EE not only do we now have the skills, knowledge and assets of the best mobile network in the UK but this combined with pioneers of IPX in the UK makes BT best placed to offer best in class services to it’s customers. This also helps build partnerships on a strategic scale which will drive not only BT and but the whole industry forward.

As we integrate EE within the fold, it is with great excitement that we look to our partners and customers as never before have we been in an exalted position as this to build our future. After all in the past we may have surfed on many a waves together … but to ride a data tsunami is to enter the future with a bang.

I will be attending GSMA WAS#4 Event in Dublin in November, along with my colleagues from EE and global wholesale voice and roaming portfolio team. We will be glad to meet you there. You can write to us at to set up a meeting.

You can also visit our website to learn more about BT Global IP Exchange, and other mobile data services like LTE Roaming and Wi-fi Roaming.

Best regards,


Dhiraj Wazir
Head of Interconnect & International Enablers


Dhiraj joined BT in April 2016 as head of interconnect & international enablers, leading international interconnect, products and operations for roaming. Dhiraj has been in this role for the past 6 years and his responsibilities included launching LTE Roaming, harmonised steering & fraud control platform, IDD routing and international SMS strategy. In addition, Dhiraj also delivered a common platform merging the two mobile networks for roaming partners.

He joined EE in 2004 as a product manager before which he worked in telecoms, dot com, media and the FMCG industry in India and UAE.

Dhiraj has a bachelor’s degree in microbiology & biotechnology and an MBA from Mumbai University.

Outside of work Dhiraj likes to spend his time with his family, cricket, reading and in pursuit of trying to be a “slave of many things”.