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Security important for telco at ITW


02 June 2016

Stephan Deutsch

Blogs by author:  Stephan Deutsch , Head of Marketing, Global Wholesale Voice & Roaming, BT.


International Telecoms Week saw more than 5,600 participants this year in Chicago in May. One of the most important topics they discussed was security. Flanked by a panel on wholesale security with representatives from PCCW, AT&T, Level 3 and BT’s Jason Cook, CISO of BT Americas, media interest was specifically high. Whether or not a customer has to secure their networks is not the question anymore. But what is the best way? How do telecom providers offer the best services to their corporate and end customers?

Addressing the cloud at boardroom level

Understanding this requires a look at the current trends and the key learnings from recent cyber attacks, both deflected or suffered. One fundamental change is on cloud and the perception of cloud security. With the emergence of cloud services cyber security for all activities migrated into the cloud had been a major concern. Sometimes it was a barrier to overcome. Not anymore: customers increasingly identify cloud security as a service connected to those services they expect to source from the cloud instead of providing them in-house, as Jason stated at the following interview:

Security perimeter shift

At the same time complexity of required measures increases significantly. The shifting perimeter is one of the reasons. Implementing a “one box” solution at the gate of the private network is not sufficient as we use mobile phones, cloud services and new means of collaboration, according to Kate Kuehn. At ITW she was interviewed as well:

This leads to the question on how best a telecoms provider can provide security services to their end customers and enterprise customers. BT has taken the approach of serving the same menu to customers that we use directly to secure our networks. And we do not stop there. Instead we are offering services to other operators that seek to drive their security portfolio offering or want to complement their own capabilities.

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