Field force management architecture improves service delivery guidelines

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In the modern competitive Telco world, the incumbent Telco operator is unlikely to win on price alone. Service and product differentiators, such as the type and quality of product, supported by excellent customer service, are key to gaining an edge. To achieve this, a comprehensive approach to Work Force Management is required.


The client was faced with competition for the first time in its 30 year history.

This meant potential loss of revenue. In order to guard against this, the customer needed to improve its service provisioning and transform its field force to enable it to meet growth targets.

In addition, the level of service provisioning capability within people, process and technology was below par.


BT Advise for Communications audited the client’s field force management capability and developed recommendations to implement broad initiatives within people, process and technology.

BT developed a new field force management business architecture that would provide for a reduction in delivery cycle time.


This consultancy provided the client with the necessary information to understand the activities and requirements to implement an automated Work Force Management solution in a complete, endto- end manner.

The solution provided for a reduction in delivery cycle time with a 95 per cent target of delivering right first time (RFT) thus assisting excellence in customer experience.

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