Improving productivity and working practices of the field engineering operations

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Operating in a fiercely competitive market, many companies are facing the challenge of meeting their customers’ ever higher expectations of service at the same time as improving their internal efficiencies and productivity. They are continually looking for ways to optimise their operations, while ensuring compliance at all times with local regulation and European legislation.


The client identified a specific operational area where there was scope to reduce costs through better deployment of engineers working in the field. At the same time they also wanted to accelerate compliance with EU health and safety legislation.

They employed BT Advise for Communications to help them improve the productivity and working practices of its field engineering operations.


A team of BT Field Force Automation consultants worked closely with the clients operations to design and implement safer working practices.

BT Advise for Communications consultants designed and documented new processes and recommended tools and equipment that would provide a more secure environment for the clients’ engineers.

They delivered nine training sessions to engineers to introduce and promote the new, safer ways of working and helped in the making of a new safety video.


BT redesigned the client’s field engineering practice so that only one engineer was required for jobs where previously two would have been allocated, enabling the reduction in its field workforce by around 25%.

At the same time the client was able to ensure much safer working for engineers in the field, and, with union representatives among the training courses attendees, immediately improve labour relations.

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