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Offering interoperable communications technologies

Interoperability is business-critical for all communication providers.  To support this requirement, the BT IP Exchange is an interoperability service that enables fixed, mobile, legacy and next-generation networks to interconnect in a way that minimises the cost of protocol conversion.

Specially developed to meet the growing need for connectivity between VoIP operators, traditional communications providers, and converged service providers, BT IP Exchange provides essential interoperability between the various communications technologies currently in use. Thus it is urgently important to assuring the continued growth of the IP-based communications market in meeting the demands of VoIP operators for simplicity and cost savings.

Key benefits

Sustainable and successful IP-based voice business

With BT IP Exchange, operators and communication providers gain the ability to make calls to PSTN, international, and mobile numbers using the IP protocol. It therefore provides the essential gateway between a communications provider’s own soft switch and traditional and IP networks. BT IP Exchange is a key development in enabling the growth of VoIP services, offering communication providers a simple and robust interoperability solution without the need for a major capital investment. In addition, BT IP Exchange offers market-leading financial settlement services for calls terminating on the provider’s network.

For many corporate customers and end users, the advantage that operators and providers can deliver to them through using the BT IP Exchange is quality.

For providers on the other hand, it offers quick and easy access to new customer services with minimal investment, making the creation of sustainable business models in the IP space much easier. The IPX is also designed to provide the benefits of scalability as an operator’s or provider’s business expands.

Key features

Interoperable connectivity is simple and flexible

BT IP Exchange customers immediately benefit from having a range of connectivity options to choose from. These include the Numbering and Routing required for the IP Exchange to enable you to migrate end users from TDM services to IP. The Transactions and Clearing Capability rationalises billing and settlements for in- and out-payments, handling them as efficiently as in the SS7 Interconnect world.

Beyond the necessary tools that are part of the solution, providers can rely on working with BT as a stable provider in the growing and dynamic world of IP Communications.

IP Exchange can uncover opportunities for service providers:

  • Generation of revenue streams addressing new customers
  • Ability to compete effectively in a converged world
  • Access to a scalable solution for a growing business
  • Benefits from future IP Exchange developments

Who should buy

Who should buy

Interoperability is a business critical consideration for all communication provider customers.  This includes operators, service providers and carriers operating fixed, mobile, legacy and next generation networks. BT’s Global IP Exchange helps them to interconnect whilst minimising cost and maximising opportunity to build sustainable business models in the IP space.

Why BT

Why is BT your ideal Global IP Exchange provider?

We provide a strong offer with reach and innovation:

  • We already have 170 Global IP Exchange customers: MNOs, MVNOs, FNOs, ISPs, wholesalers and retail operators
  • We continuously expand our network with regional POPs in Europe, Asia and America and MPLS-based access footprints with 170+ POPs
  • Through TDM we can complement your reach to 600 operators worldwide
  • Our strong roadmap backed by BT investment pioneers the IPX space with additional services and capabilities

We deliver the quality you need to impress your customers:

  • BT provides IP end-to-end connectivity that avoids transcoding. Our use of direct routes means less noise and delay
  • Fewer trouble tickets thanks to extensive sandbox testing
  • Our Global IP Exchange incorporates standards from i3 Forum, GSMA and IPIA
  • We offer premium voice to 770 international destinations with 100% CLI and other quality levels to serve your needs
  • Our global Tier-1 infrastructure makes us your trusted partner

We add value to your IP business and make it sustainable:

  • Reduce your costs through one physical link for all your interconnection needs
  • Our competitive rates, stable pricing and routing provide you with the foundation to acquire new business
  • End-to-end IP via direct routes can increase your customer conversion by 10%. Newly connected IPX partners have been able to double and triple their traffic volumes quickly
  • We offer you 24x7 support from our NOC and world-class operations team
  • You get technical testing guidance and daily support from our proactive voice business managers

You can directly benefit from our experience and IPX connected overall portfolio:

  • Our Global IP Exchange-connected portfolio includes 1-way and 2-way SMS, Sigtran, RoamConnect and GRX (with 100+ of protocol variants tested)
  • Our Global Inbound voice solutions and white-labelled conferencing enable you to enhance your corporate portfolio
  • Already 24 carriers already exchange High Definition Voice traffic via our Global IP Exchange
  • You can leverage BT resources, innovation power and vendor relationships through our consultancy and managed solutions



Available globally. Please contact your BT account manager for specific country information.



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