IP Voice Reseller



We manage the technology, you reap VoIP rewards

We can help you provide the cost-effective Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services your customers are increasingly demanding. We’ll help you eliminate the prohibitive cost of soft switches and network infrastructure investments. With BT taking care of the network, traffic and service management, all you have to do is concentrate on expanding your market and improving your margins.

Key benefits

Your route to enhanced revenue opportunities

BT IP Voice Reseller enables you to implement and deliver the very latest communications technology to your demanding customer base. It enables you to:

  • Diversify your client base: new-wave services, such as converged voice and data capabilities, enable you to cost-effectively exploit new markets and revenue opportunities.
  • Exploit a burgeoning communications market: the Forester Group predicts that VoIP will carry all telephone calls by 2020.
  • Extend your reach: provide customer access to our extensive global networks, including connectivity into fixed and mobile networks.
  • Concentrate on what you do best: with BT managing the technology, you can focus on marketing and sales.
  • Reverse declining revenues: increase customer retention by delivering value-added services to your existing customer base on top of broadband services.
  • Retain your existing customers: voice users become increasingly price-sensitive, VoIP can offer them better value-for-money.
  • Simplify customer management: our service removes the complexity of actively managing customer usage by integrating your session initiation protocol (SIP) signaling server with BT servers.
  • Implement efficient processes: our transparent and reliable invoicing ensures that you can easily integrate the service into your existing billing flow or transfer to a billing operator if required.

Key features

Increased capabilities with minimal investment

BT IP Voice Reseller is convenient to use, works on any digital subscriber line (DSL) connection and can be implemented with minimal capital investment - you only need a session initiation protocol (SIP) server to start using the service.

Key features include:

  • High reliability: our fully redundant network design ensures optimum resilience for all hardware elements, including IPSec router, SIP server, signalling and media gateways.
  • Easy to access caller detail records (CDR) via web interface: updated multiple times throughout the day.
  • Caller line identification presentation (CLIP): enables transmission of the caller’s number for display on the receiver’s handset when transferring calls from packet-based session initiation protocol (SIP) to public switched telephone network (PSTN) lines. This feature is only available if the customer uses the E.164 format that is in line with the international switching standards.
  • Caller line identification restriction (CLIR): enables the caller’s number to be restricted in the exchange (SIP to PSTN) to prevent transmission of CLI information. This feature is only available if the customer uses the E.164 format that is in line with the international switching standards.
  • Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) support: BT complies with RFC 2833, the protocol used to break down an audio stream into packets for transmission, for all codecs.
  • Geographic number provision: BT will distribute telephone numbers to the VoIP operator for use by the end-customer in the most economical manner.
  • Access to our multimedia platform: IP Voice Reseller is delivered independently from broadband access, enabling you to use dedicated IP access or public peering to connect with our multimedia platform.
  • Secure IPSec tunnel: we use the open standards framework for protecting signalling over Internet Protocol (IPSec) to connect your SIP server to our SIP Server to ensure the security of your connection.
  • Pre-payment: we offer our Resellers this option to make handling the connection even more convenient.

(The delivery of capabilities may vary on a country basis depending on availability and on local regulatory and legal frameworks.)

Technical specifications

Secure, high-quality access to new markets

Our IP Voice Reseller service can help you rapidly modify your existing platform, with minimal capital investment, to gain entry into lucrative new markets.

With access to our global platform, you benefit from:

  • The highest levels of security and redundancy within our pan-European network.
  • A flexible pricing and payment structure.
  • Rapid implementation of the technology and associated service elements.
  • A choice of routing capabilities with differing levels of quality (available in selected countries).
  • The opportunity to test the service with our Test & Go option before making any major commitment.
  • A dedicated voice business manager team to ensure that your routing, quality and pricing requests are dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  • Rapid and convenient connection to our global voice network via the public Internet using the very latest technology and up-to-the-minute systems standards.
  • Provisioning of numbers/number ranges.
  • A leveled structure to ensure the service matches your specific business need, including:

Termination from SIP to PSTN.
Full service, enabling SIP to PSTN termination, PSTN to SIP termination and number management capabilities.
White Label provision, BT delivers and manages all elements of the service leaving you to concentrate on sales and marketing activities.

Detailed description

Rapidly deliver global VoIP services

BT IP Voice Reseller enables you to rapidly and cost-effectively implement a voice technology that is changing the face of telecommunications, without major investments in hardware. All calls can also be cost-effectively terminated via our global networks to any IP, fixed or mobile number.

With IP Voice Reseller:

  • Your IP phone transmits a signal to BT requesting authorisation for the call using open standard SIP protocol on a secure channel.
  • Following authorisation the call transmitted via a separate realtime transport protocol (RTP) channel to link the call from the customer’s IP phone and BT’s gateway through the public Internet.
  • Once the call has passed through the BT gateway, it will then be routed through to the main electronic worldwide switch digital (EWSD) for eventual termination through the BT network or selected third-party carriers.

The core system consists of:

BT provides:

  • A SIP server and secure channel for signaling.
  • Gateways.
  • Codecs for proper voice quality and voice compression.
  • Internet access.
  • Proper bandwidth to carry the voice traffic that has been collected.
  • Routers: a minimum of two at each site to ensure redundancy.

At your premises:

  • A SIP server to enable signaling between your server and ours.
  • Internet access

Your end-users then only need:

  • IP phone.
  • Internet access.

Who should buy

Providing enhanced services at reduced cost

BT IP Voice Reseller is primarily aimed at resellers and carriers within the voice market and will be of particular interest to:

  • Broadband communication providers and network operators.
  • Distributors and agencies.
  • Affinity partners seeking to co-brand with selected partners.
  • Pure voice resellers.
  • Cable TV providers.
  • Resellers targeting specific geographic locations.
  • New entrants into the VoIP market.
  • Existing resellers of other BT Products (like CS/CPS/Direct Access resellers)

Why BT

Exploit the VoIP revolution with minimal risk

With our unrivalled expertise and experience in telecommunications, we can help you exploit the wide-ranging opportunities offered by VoIP services. BT IP Voice Reseller provides access to our advanced IP, digital voice and data networks - without extensive investment in hardware or over-extending your in-house capabilities.

Our 21st century networks and infrastructure enable broadband service providers, network operators, resellers and even new entrants to the market to roll-out enhanced services and keep pace with the voice communications revolution. Our extensive bilateral correspondent voice network can fully support VoIP traffic and is easily accessed using switch/gateway functionality via the public Internet.

We deliver comprehensive, easy-to-use services that benefit from wide-ranging support, the highest quality of service and competitive pricing plans to enable you to deliver VoIP service to your customers.


Available in Western Europe (Germany, Benelux, Spain, Italy, France), Central and Eastern Europe, Asia pacific, Middle East and Africa.