Telehousing global wholesale


Do you want to enhance your server infrastructure?

As a telecommunications or service provider you are constantly deploying server and network infrastructure. As a content provider you need to operate efficient high-capacity platforms to host your information and services.

Our wholesale-based BT Telehousing can help you minimise investment, source quality co-location space and ensure efficient upgrade of power and environmental functions – while  you retain strict control over your information systems.

Telehousing combines the best of both worlds: You own, operate, maintain and upgrade your servers while we house them in secure, cost-efficient data centres.

Key benefits

Outsource your data centre. Keep your system.

We provide secure, controlled environments where you can operate the server infrastructure you need to provide services to your customers. Unlike standard data centre hosting, BT Telehousing allows you to access and alter your equipment at any time. So you benefit from:

  • Stronger business continuity: enabled by dispersed redundant locations you can implement, and by the service level agreements (SLAs) for power and uptime.
  • Reduced carbon emissions: as we are responsible for your power and cooling needs, we will monitor carbon output, and reduce it where possible, so you can offer your customers Green IT solutions.
  • Bottom-line improvements: taking advantage of our economies of scale gives you a significant increase in cost efficiency, plus you can avoid dedicated investment in data centre infrastructure and put the money you save into your core business.

Key features and benefits

Benefit from our carrier-grade infrastructure

We operate 64 global data centres, all of them built to conform to Tier 3 of the Uptime Institutes definition, or exceed it.

We equip all of our BT data centres with the same high standards of security, atmospheric control and power. Each environmental system and power source is at least duplicated for greater resilience against systems failure, ensuring continuity for your critical business platforms.

Our strict environmental controls regulate cooling and humidity to within SLA parameters. Our data centres also feature VESDAs (very early smoke detection alarms) and automatic fire defences for your protection.

BT Telehousing is based on the provision of floor space with a minimum commitment to one footprint and may include one or more of the following:

  • Equipment racking
  • Power
  • Physical security services
  • Controlled environment
  • Remote-hands facility
  • Media handling

All our data centres are connected to the BT Global Network, providing you with multiple break-out options that range from dedicated site-to-site, network-to-network interconnect (NNI), and hubbing to upstream or peering into the public internet. You can even leverage the BT network footprint and combine telehousing with our wholesale data services to enhance your footprint worldwide.

Detailed description

Keep complete control

BT Telehousing provides you with accommodation in a secure data centre environment. We provide space for the installation and operation of your critical IT, communications and network equipment, and the entire supporting infrastructure you need to run it.

We can host your servers and equipment in a shared or physically-separated area in a BT-controlled site, with a choice of geographical location. The suites in every data centre are configured to the same exacting BT standards. We can meet some additional specific requirements, subject to availability, to easily create the environment you need.

Space is measured and allocated in footprints, in a suite specifically prepared for the requirements of your modern IT equipment. We are responsible for maintaining the power and environment of the suite and controlling access to the site. You retain the provision of hardware, including the rack, application platforms, configuration, set-up and the licensing of your content. If you prefer, we can provide a range of these services for you for added convenience.

And of course we give you access to the facility to install, load, test and repair your equipment.

Who should buy

Reduce your investment in infrastructure

As a telecommunications or service provider you run a large server or server-based infrastructure that can drain your resources – but you need to retain ownership and control . Telehousing is the answer. This may particularly apply if you:

  • As a content provider, operate large and complex websites that require high-security resilience that simply is not available within your own facilities.
  • As a carrier, you need to keep large archives for long periods and must own the hard drives that store the information, especially for regulatory obligations, billing and other service requirements
  • As a service provider, you want to reduce costly power bills but need full physical access to your servers and network infrastructure components on a regular basis.

In essence, BT Telehousing is the ideal solution for carriers, service providers, telecommunication companies, content owners and distributors, and cloud-services providers who seek to reduce their investment in facilities-based infrastructure without losing the advantages of full control and access.



Available globally. Please contact your BT account manager for specific country information.

Why BT

The global leader in network service provision

BT operates 64 data centres – 11 in the UK and 53 across the globe – giving us exceptional experience and coverage that you can leverage. We place a strong focus on business continuity and disaster recovery and can offer everything from PBX (private branch exchange) back-up to intra-data centre data storage and retrieval networks.

Our data centre services are the foundation for operational excellence. 84 per cent of our data centres are classed as Tier 3 or 4. We equip them for business continuity and back them with SLAs to lower operational risk and increase security, resilience and redundancy in design.

This is the ideal basis for you to co-locate your mission-critical server and network equipment, retaining full control while freeing your resources. BT serves a large number of customers, among them major T-1 carriers and demanding service providers from the communications industry. Our track record shows that we can offer you the telehousing services you need to offer your customers excellent services and products.
Furthermore, we can combine BT Telehousing with our portfolio of hosting, managed hosting and cloud-based IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) services, for example, our award-winning Virtual Data Centre (VDC). You can draw from this wholesale portfolio to become even more successful and competitive in your markets.