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Your solution for global Wi-fi roaming BT

Meet customer demand for global always-on wi-fi based data roaming through our Wi-fi Roam service with the following key features:

  • RADIUS, SS7 and Diameter based authentication for wi-fi
  • SIM and non-SIM based credentials secured via EAP
  • Reuse your existing infrastructure
  • Interworking wi-fi and cellular protocols
  • Growing global network for all your bandwidth needs
  • Predefined traffic routing
  • Black-list and White-list for traffic destinations
  • Flexible traffic routing options
  • Competitive, flexible and scalable pricing
  • Support for existing smart client access

It is all about data

Analysts project global mobile device proliferation to reach 10 billion devices by 2018. Smartphones represented only 36% of total global handsets in use in 2015, but represented nearly 90% of the total global handset traffic, and by 2016, more mobile data traffic will be offloaded from cellular networks (on to wi-fi) than remains on cellular networks. By 2018 over 54% of all connected devices will be “smart” and will generate more than 96% of total traffic, with the average smartphone generating five times more traffic than it currently does today.

Even with our available technology, international roaming still faces huge challenges for the end user, the mobile operators and for wi-fi providers alike. To address the wi-fi roaming challenges effectively and efficiently for you BT offers automatic wi-fi international roaming services to end users and mobile network operators over a BT roaming hub. Check the benefits tab to learn more.

The benefits

Your benefits choosing BT as your Wi-fi roaming provider

Mobile data roaming challenges

Even with our available technology, international roaming still faces huge challenges for the end user, the mobile operators and for wi-fi providers alike. International mobile roaming charges are sometimes prohibitively expensive leading to high cost warning SMS being sent to the end user by their mobile operators. Wi-fi is an alternative, but currently confined to a silo with issues on security with wi-fi vouchers and complicated hot-spot landing pages that are unfamiliar and confusing.

In turn, the mobile operator often faces customer complaints on roaming bill-shock and addressing this with warning messages creates a poor brand association related to unacceptable price levels for end user services while roaming. As a result, the end user is cutting off the MNO revenue stream for data roaming and the operator faces criticism and often regulation on roaming charges.

Wi-fi provides an alternative that has its own unique barriers to overcome. Those include on-line credit card security for transactions on unsecured networks, landing pages language issues and general ease of use barriers that prevent travellers to use wi-fi.

Your wi-fi roaming solution provided by BT

Address wi-fi roaming challenges effectively and efficiently. BT’s integrated international wi-fi roaming services allows the end users of  mobile network operators to access the growing number of wi-fi networks connected to the BT roaming hub. BT Wi-Fi Roam facilitates access to UK and non-UK wi-fi networks through a single agreement instead of having to sign multiple 1:1 bilateral contracts with wi-fi providers.

Through BT Wi-fi Roam a mobile network operator can offer its end users a wi-fi based roaming service into a number of wi-fi networks included in the service footprint. For the user, the authentication will be automatic and can be controlled, provisioned and managed through the mobile operator’s standard roaming processes and commercials.

BT Wi-fi Roam service will connect mobile network operators to our global wi-fi roaming hub via SS7, RADIUS or Diameter for authentication and signalling, and via GRX for data on-load. Once connected, the wi-fi roaming hub supports various authentication methods. Those include SIM-based credential (EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA or EAP-AKA‘) as well as non-SIM-based EAP like TLS, TTLS, Support for WISPr based smart client access is also available.

The RADIUS signalling from the wi-fi footprint the end user is roaming into will be converted to the mobile network operators’ preferred signalling/authentication method. 

The BT Wi-fi hub additionally provides the option to home route end user traffic to allow Mobile Operators the ability to utilise their core policy and charging functions; reusing their existing infrastructure

Leverage BT's wi-fi expertise

  • More than 5.5 million hot-spots in the UK
  • BT Wi-fi and BT Sport: 4+ million app downloads
  • In excess of 800 million annual connections
  • Over 14 years experience in deploying and operating wi-fi networks and services
  • BT has helped define and develop wi-fi standardisation and innovation
  • We are active in industry organisations and standardisation bodies, such as the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), GSMA and the Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA)


Your solution for global wi-fi roaming

BT Wi-fi Roam service is available in a growing number of selected territories. You can connect to our service via a range of flexible and cost efficient access options. 



BT Wi-fi Roam

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Meet customer demand for Wi-fi based data roaming.

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Making Wi-fi roaming simple for end users.