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Get immediate benefits with the right hybrid cloud data centre


07 December 2016

Global Services

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Your data centre is the beating heart of your organisation, but it could also be the victim of your success. Here’s why the solution lies in the cloud.

How to handle your success.

When it comes to measuring the success of your organisation, there’s always one handy marker to look for: growth. However, this can have its own drawbacks — especially in terms of managing your data centre. Growth for your organisation means more data, more applications and more people looking to gain access.

So how do you handle all of this demand when the needs of your business have clearly outgrown the performance of your data centre?

Smart choices deliver immediate benefits.

To create an IT environment that matches your business needs now, and in the future, you should start your organisation on a digital journey to the hybrid cloud (if you haven’t already).

You don’t even have to wait until the end of the journey to realise all the benefits. Making some smart choices allows you to experience the positive impact of this change immediately, for example:
•reducing your operating costs by up to 60 per cent
•improving the agility of your organisation
•creating a simple and effective IT structure.

And you can achieve all of this by hosting your data and apps in one of our data centres.

Discover more about how you can guarantee speedy, secure and reliable performance for your business-critical systems and processes, with our infographic below.

And explore how the hybrid cloud can help your organisation on its digital journey, here — or even take an interactive virtual tour of what your data centre might look like.