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INFOGRAPHIC: Lead, challenge, disrupt: digital is a licence to transform


11 May 2016

Global Services

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The importance of the CIO at boardroom level has continued to rise, with 72 per cent of senior IT decision makers reporting that the CIO has become more central in the boardroom in the last two years. The CIO is also leading the strategic application of technology across the business, with almost three quarters (70 per cent) of boardrooms expecting their CIO to be an innovative force and creative disruptor.

The disruptive nature of cloud, mobility and collaboration and data has also required the CIO skill set to adapt in order to facilitate faster-paced change. Crucial skills required to stay relevant as a CIO now include the flexibility to work under new business models (48 per cent), openness towards trying new ideas and solutions (47 per cent) and the ability to take on feedback and constructive criticism (44 per cent).

CIOs are also required to provide guidance to other departments as research shows that 72 per cent of organisations are ordering IT products and services without the involvement of the IT function.

See our infographic below and discover the changing role of the CIO.

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