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Defending your organisation against cyber threats is increasingly complex as the threat landscape is becoming ever more complicated. Failure to adequately protect your business could lead to loss of data, revenue, brand reputation and customer loyalty.

With operations in over 180 countries supporting some of the world’s largest companies, from Government institutions to global multinationals, we have a unique perspective on cyber-crime and have developed effective frameworks and methods to enable cyber security strategies and transformations.

We know that a security breach can happen at any moment. Being prepared to respond in a timely manner and taking the right actions to minimise impact is crucial.

Our cyber security consultants can help you with:

  • Cyber security transformation – We help clients to understand their threat landscape, security controls and ensure strong cyber security. From this, we’ll carry out transformation projects and develop managed or hybrid security services.
  • Security operations transformation – We can extend the cyber security transformation to develop advanced operations capabilities and new operating models.
  • Threat and situational awareness transformation – We’ll ensure your security operations are aligned with the threat landscape. Through the integration of threat intelligence operations and technology, you’ll benefit from a mature cyber security model with in depth situational awareness ability.


Your cyber security consulting journey starts with you

We have some key recommendations that will help you start your cyber security consulting journey. 

  • Establish a risk, threat and vulnerability profile based on your primary business objectives.
  • Set a clear security strategy with mission statement, objectives and roadmap.
  • Understand the security requirements associated with these objectives.
  • Determine your current status and how to reach your goals.

How BT can help

BT will enable you to improve your cyber security capabilities

If you choose to work with us, we’ll invite you to spend a day with us in a workshop where we can take you through a step by step approach to our cyber security framework and transformation method. As a next step we’ll discuss where we might be able to add value and help you with your cyber security strategy. Our approach is based on the valuable lessons learnt as a leading global security managed services provider.

Organisational change

Organisations are struggling to transform their security operations to meet the demands of the current threat landscape. Effective improvements are driven by people, process and technologies combined. BT has a mature and effective cyber security framework and methodology to meet this challenge.

Change in threat landscape

Advanced threats and sophisticated campaigns are being devised to disrupt and damage organisational services and reputation. We experience this challenge on a daily basis and so we’ve developed new solutions and capabilities to mitigate this.

Managed security services

BT has developed effective hybrid security service operating models that build the right service model and mix of capabilities. We have learnt that integrated operational teams working with collaborative methods are key to providing an effective response to challenges.