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How to create the digital retail experience customers want


10 January 2017

Global Services

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With technology at their fingertips, consumers expect a seamless shopping experience. Here’s why a single digital platform is the key to the future of retail.

Data makes the difference.

We’ve all had that moment in a store where we’ve found an item of clothing we really like — only to discover they have it in every size but the one we want. However, there’s now a way for retailers to make this a thing of the past.

By collecting and analysing consumer data, retailers can manage their inventory to suit the people they know shop in their stores. And that’s just one way organisations can make the customer journey seamless.

Create the platform for success.

Creating a seamless customer experience is vital to the future of retail. But there has to be a plan to make this work. The danger is that retailers end up with a host of individual, unconnected digital solutions — leaving them unable to use the data they collect.

By using a single digital platform, retailers can roll out their solutions consistently across multiple stores — creating a common brand experience that keeps customers coming back to shop with them.

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