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Alder Hey Children’s Hospital: Blending technology with human ingenuity

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Nowhere has technology had such positive impact than in healthcare. But technology alone gets us just so far. Blend technology with human ingenuity. Mix scientific endeavour with artistic creativity. And we can create something quite stunning. That’s the ambition at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

For a century, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital has challenged itself to meet parents’ expectations and hopes, and comfort the anxieties of its young patients. In 2015, it leaves behind its Victorian building for a world-class, digital hospital.

This video features Iain Hennessey, the hospital’s clinical lead for innovation and highlights one example of how BT and Alder Hey are working together to bring to life a vision of an interactive environment to create more positive experiences and clinical benefits.

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Testimonial - Iain Hennessey, Alder Hey.

Iain Hennessey, clinical lead for Innovation at Alder Hey Children's Hospital, talks about how BT have helped him to realise his future vision for Alder Hey patients.

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