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Consolidating its worldwide WAN on a BT IP Connect global platform, Celgene places its trust in BT.

When a global business grows fivefold in five years it needs a fast and flexible network to keep pace. To achieve that, Celgene wanted to unify its worldwide network on a single platform. The company’s IT organisation evaluated several network providers before choosing BT.

Extending to all Celgene locations worldwide, the network was implemented initially in record time, without business interruption. Over time new connections have been added, including several offices in the USA and Switzerland as well as sites in China, Russia, Singapore, Poland, Finland, Norway, Turkey, Korea and Taiwan. Moreover, quality of service has been very reliable; not even a major hurricane was able to knock it off course.

We’ve been very impressed by the quality and reliability of the BT global network. Even during hurricane Sandy, when many companies in and around New Jersey suffered network and data centre outages, we maintained normal IT services. That was truly world-class.”
- Bernard Pujol, Executive Director Global IT Operation Services Celgene Corporation


Committed to improving lives worldwide, Celgene Corporation is a global biopharmaceutical company based in New Jersey, with a European HQ in Switzerland. It sells its products in over 70 countries and has around 5,000 employees worldwide.

The company’s growth has been phenomenal as a result of unique science that is being translated into disease-altering medicines that are advancing the course of human health, reducing the burden on healthcare systems and helping economies grow. Such extraordinary commitment to society through the value of their medical innovation compounded by rapid expansion demands a flexible and agile worldwide IT infrastructure.

Bernard Pujol, executive director of Global IT Operation Services at Celgene, says: “We needed a single MPLS network service provider to support our business globally. Among the main potential suppliers some players were strong in particular regions of the globe, but not completely global. We concluded that BT was the best choice for Celgene.”


The new master services agreement with BT included a commitment to replace the BT legacy multi-provider mesh network by consolidating all Celgene services onto the BT IP Connect global platform. The transition would need to be completed over a 12-month period, and business continuity during the migration was paramount.

“The transition was a great success,” says Bernard Pujol, “and it all went really well. BT met its commitments in terms of timescale and there was no service interruption whatsoever – so no adverse impact on our business.”

Connecting more than 50 Celgene sites in 40 countries across the US, Canada, Western Europe, and Asia Pacific, the BT IP Connect global network carries corporate data, voice, and video Ethernet-based traffic.

It is class-of-service enabled to better manage time sensitive traffic, such as company-wide Microsoft Lync collaboration activities. Bandwidth varies dependent on the needs of each site, ranging from 4Mpbs to 200Mbps.


Bernard Pujol says: “The BT IP Connect global network has reset the clock. It delivers much better performance for no additional cost. Service provision lead times have improved, and we have the flexibility to rapidly add new sites as our company continues to expand. Our relationship with BT has certainly grown as a result.”

As examples of that closer collaboration, Celgene has worked with BT around network security at certain locations and more recently involved BT with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Bernard Pujol explains: “We have contractors and partners around the world who need to access Celgene systems, on site or connected to the Celgene network via a VPN. We needed support to finalise a complete study – based on already existing knowledge and information – to understand the best options to achieve our goals.”

A BT Security consulting engagement saw BT consultants first review the requirements. The approach included running interviews with a large group of Celgene people. The BT recommendation was for Celgene to first create a secure decentralised collaborative virtual workspace using a third party tool offering centralised control.

BT recommendation led to the creation of guidelines around both decentralised and centralised VDI options. The decentralised option was later adopted and implemented across the company, enabling partners and contractors to access the Celgene network from their own devices with the right level of trust and security.

Most recently Celgene IT staff visited Adastral Park, the BT innovation centre in the UK, to examine the potential benefits of emerging and innovative technology and explore possibilities for further collaboration. BT and Celgene have since started working on a mobile communications proposition which could be piloted at Celgene and also benefit BT as a potential wider market proposition.

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