Domini Castellare di Castellina

Domini Castellare di Castellina: Blending the art of winemaking with the art of connecting

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BT Cisco TelePresence showcases Italian wine to a worldwide audience

Experts enthuse over global virtual wine tasting

Today’s conferencing technology offers innovative and exciting ways of making wine tastings more convivial. Enthused by the idea of sharing two of the best Domini Castellare di Castellina (DCC) vintages simultaneously with people on four continents, Paolo Panerai, owner of DCC, asked BT to help.

That global wine tasting used BT One Collaborate Cisco technology. Connoisseurs in nine different locations from New York to Shanghai enjoyed the opportunity to meet and sample the wines. Led by Alessandro Cellai, a DCC wine expert, the company’s most famous bottles were compared in a highly-realistic virtual environment.

Paolo Panerai, Owner, Domini Castellare di CastellinaWe wanted to realise something quite out of the ordinary, incorporating a great deal of interactivity.”
- Paolo Panerai, Owner, Domini Castellare di Castellina

Fast facts

  • Using Cisco TelePresence over BT IP Connect, DCC showcased vintages simultaneously in nine countries
  • Wine experts from Asia, America, Africa, Europe and UK took part in virtual wine tasting event
  • Participants praised quality of audio and visual experience
  • Event opens new global opportunities for wine makers and tasters

Collaborative world for wine connoisseurs

The ambitious idea of a virtual wine tasting involving people in nine countries on four continents was made a reality with the power of Cisco TelePresence technology from BT.

IP connectivity makes it possible

Running over a BT IP Connect Global network encircling the world, the audio and video effects were impressive in their closeness to reality.

BT Conferencing brings everything together

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