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Egis Parking Services: BT Compute assures solid business benefits, while improving parking attendants’ working lives

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Egis Parking Services chooses BT data centre systems to support parking enforcement in Amsterdam

New system promotes team spirit and job satisfaction

Until recently, parking attendants had a tough time patrolling the streets of Amsterdam. They’d meet aggressive – violent, even – reactions from ticketed drivers. It put a serious strain on their health, resulting in high absenteeism.

A new set-up has seen ticketing become a back-office routine, avoiding confrontation. Enforcement officers rotate between desk and field work, like driving scan cars and inspecting parking situations requiring a closer look.

The role’s not only become safer, but also more varied. Job satisfaction has rocketed. Employees get clear insights into the results of their work, sharing success and building team spirit. And BT Compute is helping drive that digital transformation.

Egis Parking Services

Since the introduction of the new system, productivity has soared and we’re breaking record after record. Our teams are highly motivated and absenteeism has dropped dramatically. Our people love their work and take real pride in it.”
- Steven de Vos, Manager Enforcement, Egis Parking Services

Fast facts

  • Hosting platform required for 24x7 digital parking enforcement in the city of Amsterdam.
  • BT Compute data centre solution including network connections and managed firewalls.
  • BT professional services team delivered service innovation to achieve a 35 per cent cut in costs.
  • Platform supports scanning of 40 million licence plates a year and collects €200 million annually in parking fines.
  • Digital parking enforcement creates a safer, more varied working environment for parking attendants.
  • Boost to morale has seen sick absenteeism reduce from 24% in 2011 to 3.5% in 2016.

Comprehensive IT services

BT provides a wide range of BT Compute data centre services to Egis Parking Services, from data centre and backup to network connections and managed firewalls.

Advice and consultancy

BT Advise Compute professional services for Egis Parking Services include consultancy, operating system and application support, and software patch management.

Cisco technology at the core

At the heart of the BT Private Compute solution are four BT-owned and maintained Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) B-Series blade server clusters running on Cisco Nexus 9000 switches. They support around 100 virtual machines in a VMware environment running databases, directories and other apps.

High bandwidth connectivity

BT also runs a 1Gbps LAN Connect Global fully managed link between the data centre and the Egis Parking Services headquarters.

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