Fiona Stanley Hospital

Fiona Stanley Hospital: Hi-tech hospital makes the digital possible

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Unified BT network supports 25 hospital services including robotic ward deliveries

Digital hospital heralds new patient care horizons.

Opened to patients in 2014, Fiona Stanley Hospital, near Perth, is one of the country’s most advanced public healthcare facilities. Steeped in high-tech solutions, it’s the biggest construction project ever undertaken by the Government of Western Australia.

The knowledge and experience of BT and international services specialist Serco was drawn upon to bring this bold vision to life. On hand at every step – from design and build to managed services – the BT Serco partnership is helping unleash innovative services for patients, clinicians, administrators and visitors.

Fiona Stanley Hospital

More than anything, between BT and Serco we understand our role in supporting the hospital, especially in how it underpins patient-centric care for the clinicians.”
- Michael Penney, Fiona Stanley Hospital ICT Director, Serco

Hi-tech hospital makes the digital possible.

Serco and BT provide innovative services for patients, staff and visitors at Fiona Stanley Hospital, Western Australia.

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Fast facts.

  • Serco chose BT as its ICT delivery partner for the new Fiona Stanley Hospital project in Perth, Western Australia.
  • The BT infrastructure includes a petabyte of storage, almost 200 physical servers, and 700 virtual servers running 46 applications.
  • Unified network includes 10 firewalls, 320 network devices and 2,500 wireless access points supported by a 61-person BT team.
  • The system serves up to 8,000 people a day including hospital staff, patients and visitors.
  • 25 digital services like robotic vehicles and the bedside entertainment system, which doubles as a clinical data portal, are network supported.

Patient-centric care assured by end-to-end support.

BT is deeply involved in the hospital’s ongoing digital life. With sixty-one people in the BT managed services team, an ICT help desk run by BT staff is located onsite. They provide around-the-clock support for the entire infrastructure, achieving 70 per cent first call resolution.

More than simply digital transformation.

Serco selected BT as ICT delivery partner for its worldwide healthcare expertise. BT has a wealth of healthcare experience globally. It runs from R&D in life sciences to the production of pharmaceutics, and from GP and hospital patient services to care in the community and at home.

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