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Superfast Cornwall: BT Advise shows environmental benefits of superfast broadband

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BT calculates a carbon saving 25-times higher than new regional broadband fibre network’s footprint

Broadband investment helps the planet

It’s one thing to say superfast broadband injects fresh life into the economies of places far from the booming capital; quite another to prove it. And harder still to show how the resulting stimulus also brings real sustainability benefits.

The BT Net Good programme finds new ways to assess sustainability and help customers cut emissions. Superfast Cornwall benefited from an unprecedented EU investment in broadband as a flagship project for its 2020 growth strategy. So BT was the natural choice to put the programme’s green credentials to the test.

Dr Ranulf Scarbrough, BT Programme Director, Superfast Cornwall

Superfast broadband has already benefited the Cornish economy by nearly £200 million. That will increase to £250 million by 2016. It’s a magnificent illustration of the power of communications helping Cornwall flourish economically while staying clean and green for many years to come.”
- Dr Ranulf Scarbrough, BT Programme Director, Superfast Cornwall

Fast facts

  • Superfast Cornwall is targeting to serve 99% of Cornwall and the Scilly Isles at 30Mpbs by 2020
  • BT installed over 700 fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) roadside connections
  • Environmental benefit monitoring is an intrinsic theme
  • Carbon saving estimated at 581,146 tonnes between 2011 and 2020
  • Estimated saving per customer of one tonne of CO2 annually

Supporting rural communities

Superfast Cornwall is funded by the EU, BT and Cornwall Council. And it has been the model adopted by Broadband Delivery UK – an arm of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport – with £1 billion-plus to spend on mobile and broadband infrastructure.

Long-term impact

BT Advise professional services team used the BT Net Good framework. Validated by the Carbon Trust, that aims to help BT customers cut emissions by at least three times the end-to-end carbon impact of BT’s own business by 2020.

Better broadband = better business

BT Advise sustainability experts considered five key areas where carbon savings can be expected. These included reduced business and consumer travel through telecommuting and e-commerce, and cloud services in place of servers at customer premises.

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