Telefónica Germany: IPControl™ from BT Diamond IP helps de-risk acquisition activity

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BT solution protects Telefónica against the risk of uncontrolled IP addresses and domain management

Beware the devil in the IP address detail

When a merger or acquisition is on the cards, due diligence looks at what’s lurking behind the financial sofa. But while some deals might fail for sleepy due diligence, more come undone through incompatibility of systems and business processes.

Look at the telecoms industry. Buying another company can cause the number of connected devices to explode. That’s good, isn’t it? More devices mean more revenue, surely? But Ruben Cervantes had seen first-hand the potential problems caused by failing to consider IP address management implications.

When he joined Telefónica Germany, Ruben found it was already using IPControl™ from BT Diamond IP. His smart move was to extend the solution to include acquired companies. Now as the company grows it’s virtually fireproof against the dangers of IP address conflicts, while IPv6 migration and DNS management are also assured.

Ruben Cervantes, Core Network Engineer and Hostmaster, Telefónica Germany GmbH

In any major company you’ve got thousands of different systems and the resource needed to keep them up-to-date and optimally configured is mind-boggling. Putting that responsibility in the hands of BT Diamond IP gives us peace of mind.”
- Ruben Cervantes, Core Network Engineer and Hostmaster, Telefónica Germany GmbH

Fast facts

  • Telefónica Germany needs to manage nearly 11 billion corporate and customer devices each with its own unique IP address
  • Acquisitions had brought with them different IP address management systems and tools
  • IPControl™ from BT Diamond IP was chosen to standardise processes
  • BT Diamond IP professional services people supported Telefónica Germany in the task of reformatting data from legacy systems
  • The BT solution is helping assure compliance, de-risk integration and merge different IT cultures
  • Around 20 man-hours per month being saved

Flexible, scalable IPAM solutions

BT Diamond IP offers comprehensive IPv4 /IPv6 IP address management solutions including software, appliances and managed services to help customers manage complex IP networks.

Custom deployment

The solution for Telefónica Germany comprises dual BT Diamond IP Sapphire EX20 servers running IPControl and dual Sapphire X5 servers for DNS services. A third tier – acting as a distribution layer for management, public and internal domains – consists of triple X5 servers.

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