Terpel: Data centre fuels growth of gas station business

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BT Advise Compute reduces risk for gas station operator Terpel as it shifts up to Tier 4 data centre

Reassurance from full redundancy

It’s early December 2014 and Carlos Zambrano has a right to feel uneasy. His company, the Colombian fuel distributor, Terpel, is about to transfer its computing estate to a new data centre. One false move and his business might suffer; not to mention his career.

But he’s dealing with BT, which means it takes just four hours to migrate a vital SAP database and then everything’s back to normal. And service station users don’t notice a thing. In future all they’ll experience is even more resilient IT systems in the only Tier 4 data centre in Colombia … owned by BT.

TerpelBT doesn’t only supply data centres. It supplies availability, sustainability and scalability.
- Carlos Alberto Zambrano Smith, Director of Technology Resources and Information Security, Terpel

Fast facts

  • Terpel data centres were vulnerable and needed to migrate to a Tier 4 graded facility
  • Terpel chose BT after evaluating 26 potential suppliers
  • Data migration was achieved inside 22 hours with zero downtime
  • More resilient IT infrastructure is underpinning business growth

Location, location, location

BT can offer a wide range of data centre services available globally and delivered locally. The BT data centre at Naos is located in the most secure area of Bogotà. It was the first data centre facility in Colombia to achieve Tier 4 certification and is one of the most efficient in Latin America.

Secure hosting environment

BT Compute Telehousing provides highly-efficient data centre accommodation in a secure environment. With global reach, local service, and unmatched expertise, BT can deliver secure and scalable solutions to any business.

Ask the experts

Tap into our vast experience with BT Advise Compute professional services. By engaging BT, Terpel was freed from handling data centre detail. It’s now able to focus on innovation projects. Performance has shot up, reducing costs and eliminating downtime.

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