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Worcestershire County Council: Flexible calls package paves the way to greater efficiency

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BT Customer Commitment gives Worcestershire County Council an entry into unified communications

Avoiding costs in a painless transition

When Worcestershire County Council set in motion its digital strategy, it had high hopes of migrating smoothly to unified communications. But telephony was a potential spanner in the works. Could the Council move its complex estate of 1,200 traditional phone lines onto a data network without massive disruption or expense?

Dawn Brant, in charge of all the County’s contracts, put that question to BT as the incumbent telephony provider. And BT came up trumps, rolling forward the Council’s existing calls package into an arrangement that could fluently accommodate its future plans.

Dawn Brant, ICT Commercial and Contracts Manager, Worcestershire County Council

Flexibility is the main thing, and that’s what this deal gives us. Complete flexibility over moving or closing offices, switching from legacy to new provision, and growing or shrinking that provision whenever we want.”
- Dawn Brant, ICT Commercial and Contracts Manager, Worcestershire County Council

Fast facts

  • Council aims to reduce overall communications costs by 10 per cent
  • Savings needed from the telephony estate connecting 234 schools and 25 libraries across a large rural area
  • Migration of more than 300 ISDN channels to SIP services that support multimedia as well as voice
  • Rationalisation of underutilised lines and new BT Customer Commitment Inclusive calls package matched to future needs
  • SIP provides the council with greater flexibility to streamline telephony services plus added business resilience
  • Costs expected to fall by 10 per cent after 18 months, in line with the business case

Cloud-based voice services boost resilience

Delivered from the cloud, BT One Voice SIP trunk UK services can reroute as required, enhancing business continuity. Because SIP provides full resilience there’s no need to purchase spare links. BT SIP channels can be re-pointed to another site automatically in accordance with pre-determined fail-over plans.

Great results from detailed analysis

BT proposed taking the current calls package – BT Customer Commitment Inclusive – and applying it to the Council’s future needs. By analysing traffic on the traditional phone lines, BT was able to calculate the number of minutes that would travel over SIP, forming the basis of the revised contract.

Helping deliver improved services at reduced cost

At BT we work with more than 400 local authorities across the country. Through this depth and breadth of experience we understand the key challenges facing Local Government – and how to solve them.

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