WEF Africa

World Economic Forum on Africa 2017

Durban, South Africa
03 - 05 May 2017

BT at the World Economic Forum on Africa 2017
South Africa

Achieving Inclusive Growth.

Africa is facing a mixed outlook for growth. The economic growth forecast for the continent over the coming year is expected to be lower than the 5% average of the past decade. This is largely due to the dip in commodity prices and the economic slowdown in China. That said, a number of countries are growing above 6% per annum and foreign direct investment inflows continue to rise. Overall, the divergence of Africa’s economies makes it imperative to address the challenges posed by a growing unemployed youth population and climate change, among others.

The impact of the headwinds for commodity-dependent countries has refocused attention on the urgency of economic diversification, revitalization of manufacturing and harnessing of human innovation in order to weather the economic storm. The Fourth Industrial Revolution offers new opportunities to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth by fast-tracking market integration in Africa through industrial corridors.

Kevin Taylor, President, BT in AMEA, will be a panelist on “Empowering Africa’s Digital Disruptors”
Thursday 4 May, 18:15 - 19:15

The rate of technological change in the Fourth Industrial Revolution is far outpacing the rate of regulatory adaption. How can Africa develop an enabling ecosystem that helps start-up entrepreneurs and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to thrive in regional markets and global supply chains?

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