We organize our business around our customers with specialist industry practices and vertical propositions.


BT is active across the automotive industry; enabling, securing and managing communications and collaboration between manufacturers, parts suppliers and automotive dealers.

Energy and Resources

BT works with leading energy and natural resources companies to transform the way that their employees use information so that they become more efficient in everything they do, from exploration and drilling to the provision of power, water and other utilities across three continents.

Life Sciences

From rethinking care to empower people, improve efficiency and provide higher quality care at lower cost to R & D collaboration platform to speed time to market and ensure regulatory compliance.

Manufacturing Industries

Wherever in the world opportunity takes manufacturing or construction companies, we are there to support you, including rapid set up in remote locations.

Media and Business Services

Industry-specific propositions in media and broadcast services, professional services and law. All the IT and communications that service businesses need: mobility and field force automation; conferencing and collaboration; customer contact; own-device and work-style; digital security. Global reach and service model to support expansion in 170 territories worldwide.


We can develop new value propositions together, integrate our services into yours, or simply supply services for you to sell on or use in your own business.

Travel, Transport and Logistics

Helping global logistics providers, airlines and ports achieve more accurate delivery, better supply chain visibility, customer service and asset utilization and helping road, rail and underground operators meet franchise obligations, keep passengers safe, empower staff and ensure compliance.

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