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Digital transformation for Consumer Goods

The consumer goods market continues to be challenging.   Whether it is price transparency, managing a geographically dispersed supply chain, changing retail dynamics, established and new competitors (both on online and in store), slowing market growth/demand from your customers, or ability to attract new customers and enter new markets. 

To remain competitive and relevant in today’s environment consumer goods companies need to be agile in their ability to innovate and their ability to engage with their customers directly.  IoT is the single biggest driving force in digital transformation in the consumer goods industry.

At BT, we believe that consumer goods companies need to focus on 4 keys areas in order to stay ahead in their digital transformation.

Develop a closer customer relationship.  Knowing and understanding your customers is critical. Customer experience is a key benchmark when choosing between brands, and consumer goods companies need to use multiple digital touchpoints to connect and interact with customers at all stages of their buying journey, both online and in store, with relevancy and personalised messages.
Ensure seamless employee collaboration. Putting technology into the hands of your employees to collaborate across a wide range of functions, disciplines and geographically dispersed markets, as well as specialised applications and systems.  To drive quicker decision making and improve productivity.
Improve operational efficiency.  Increasing your business agility and innovation through the move to cloud technology. Helping you deliver operational efficiency to optimise and differentiate your production and supply chain processes.  Allowing you to innovate, increase your speed to market as well as enter new markets.

Secure your enterprise.  Recognising the increased threats that digital transformation brings to your organisation, managing those threats and potential damage to brand reputation, with the reassurance of security for your enterprise’s data, and your customers’ personal data.

Why BT

We have over 15 years’ experience focused on developing solutions that meet the specific needs of our consumer goods customers. 

We are proud to serve 80% of the top 15 largest food, beverage and tobacco companies, including helping Unilever to deliver end-to-end management of voice, data, and security services across around 1,000 sites in more than 100 countries.
We have three immersive retail showcases globally that bring digital store transformation to life and demonstrate the possibilities through digital innovation for consumer brands. These unique ‘Alexander Black’ store showcases are in Milan, New York and our ‘flagship’ store at Adastral Park in the UK, the home of BT’s R&D facility.

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