Press release: BT adds Collaboration Meeting Rooms to its One Cloud Cisco service

DC14-584 (18 November 2014)

BT launches Cisco’s Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR) Cloud as part of its Unified Communications and Collaboration portfolio of services.

BT announced today the launch of Cisco’s Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR) Cloud, adding the new service to its extensive portfolio of Unified Communications and Collaboration products and services.

Building on the earlier launch of One Cloud Cisco(HCS), Cisco CMR brings full integration with BT’s MeetMe voice conferencing service and significantly enhances user experience. It allows users to join a WebEx meeting using Telepresence or other standards based video endpoints, further simplifying video collaboration.

BT global quality audio is an integral part of this solution with the WebEx users able to connect to BT’s Meet Me with Dolby Voice capabilities.

Andrew Small, vice president, global portfolio, BT Global Services, said: “The world of collaboration is changing faster than ever and users increasingly expect technology to connect from any device to any system at a touch of a button. At BT, we’re constantly evolving our portfolio of services to meet this demand. We allow people to work in harmony while in the office or on the move, increasing productivity and helping companies deliver stunning business outcomes.”

Rowan Trollope, senior vice president, Collaboration Technology Group at Cisco, said: “At Cisco, we’re on a mission to deliver simple and affordable collaboration experiences for every room, every desk and every pocket. Working with BT will give more people access to incredible collaboration technology – so more great work can get done quicker.”

The new service will be available globally with BT Meet Me by the end of the first quarter of 2015.

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