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BT & Microsoft Partnership

Creative Connections from BT and Microsoft


BT is your leading global Microsoft partner. Our portfolio of products services around Microsoft solutions can help you address your business challenges successfully and leverage leading technology from Microsoft and BT working in combination. With us you can achieve results that are both measurable and exciting. Don’t wait, explore now:

  • ExpressRoute into Azure and Office 365 from BT
  • BT Cloud of Clouds for Microsoft based computing and collaboration from BT
  • Skype for Business solutions from BT – we are one of the key global partners to Microsoft
  • Office 365 cloud based solutions from BT
  • Windows for Mobile from BT
  • Microsoft related IT Services from BT

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BT Solutions for Microsoft technologies

Delivering a great performance

The ‘optimal architecture’ for handling the complexity of today’s IT infrastructure is the intelligent hybrid network. With BT and Microsoft you can use our intelligent hybrid network to manage capacity and network traffic effectively for an improved user experience.

For instance, using BT Connect Acceleration and Optimisation for Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Skype for Business enables great quality voice, presence, instant messaging and conferencing by guaranteeing required bandwidth and stability. It allows for prioritisation of traffic across your network and unified communications so Voice over IP and webcams will be used seamlessly, whilst protecting business critical application performance. You can even centrally monitor your UC performance in real-time.

In the world of cloud services, it takes real skill and expertise to bring together networked resources for the benefit of your users and customers. We will help you become the service broker for your customers, giving you the choice and flexibility to access the cloud services you need.

We will provide the gateway between IP Connect and Microsoft Azure cloud using Microsoft ExpressRoute. This allows you to bypass the public internet when connecting to Azure or Office 365, by going through a private connection based on BT’s IP Connect service, offering more reliability, faster speeds, lower latencies, and higher security than typical internet connections.

Realising the possibilities in the cloud

To realise the opportunities in the cloud you need to sustain the performance of multiple cloud-based applications to make your people productive. Everything has to be connected and secured. You have to control where your networked resources are located, because you need to keep on top of changing legislation and regulatory compliance obligations.

But at the same time, you can’t let that compromise performance, or your ability, to quickly change to meet new business opportunities or threats and grow with the times.

BT and Microsoft enable you to access cloud-based services anytime, anywhere. For instance our BT One Cloud solution provides the essential first step in carrying your organisation’s voice securely over the corporate data network, without the need for heavy capital expenditure or specialised technical expertise, forming the platform for full cloud-based unified communications and collaboration.

We will provide pay-as-you-go, pay-as-you-grow cloud based unified communications, to improve productivity and speed of decision making; such as Microsoft Skype for Business, Exchange and Sharepoint, backed by a 99.99% SLA. We can even include BT managed firewalls service for extra security.

Working in harmony

For people to work in harmony, you need the right infrastructure in place. It’s not just about weaving together diverse networks and collaboration tools, it’s about having the know-how to make it all work together seamlessly – disparate technologies, the old with the new, across different devices. The latest unified communications services will create this harmony when they are delivered by networks that guarantee the consistent, high quality experience that users expect.

With BT and Microsoft, you will benefit from easy to- manage collaboration solutions that provide a great user experience. In fact, BT has adopted Microsoft Skype for Business as its central UCC platform internally, to keep 89,000 employees in over 170 countries working together effectively, no matter where they are or what device they happen to be using. It drives cost reductions on mobile and travel spend, while providing tools to further improve employees’ work-life balance. That’s because the deployment of Skype for Business opens the door to innovations such as video calling and conferencing, from anywhere.

BT is one of the few global Skype for Business launch partners for Microsoft.

Performing anywhere

You understand the difference mobility makes to an organisation, both in customer satisfaction and employee productivity. People want the freedom to work when and where they can be most productive. Outside work, they’ve become accustomed to using their mobile devices as remote controls for their lives. The at-home experience has raised their expectations and over one third of employees want ‘complete flexibility’ over when and where they work.

With BT & Microsoft you will set your people and business processes free. With Microsoft Office 365, employees can get to their applications and files from virtually anywhere – PC, Mac, and tablets – and they’re always up to date. And if employees want to bring their own devices to work – no problem. BT Bring Your Own Device solutions can be used to provide additional controls for Microsoft mobile clients and for hybrid environments, whilst ensuring the security of your network, applications and devices.

BT can help you gain the most from modern Microsoft device technology, such as Surface Pro, Surface Hub, Lumia and the Windows 10 display dock for Continuum. Talk to us today to find out how BT solutions and Microsoft devices can truly transform your mobile IT strategy and implementation.

Why BT and Microsoft

Almost two decades of strong collaboration between BT and Microsoft created a strong heritage of innovation leading to a number of “firsts” in the two companies taking modern communication solutions to market globally. BT was one of the first operators to enable the Microsoft Cloud and has adopted Microsoft solutions in more than 170 countries for our customers.

This is backed by a continued investment both partners make in training and education of BT people to support BT customers and includes a great number of certifications on Microsoft technology:

  • Gold OEM
  • Gold Server Platform
  • Gold Communications
  • Gold Devices and Deployment
  • Gold Management and Virtualisation
  • Gold Learning
  • Gold Application Development
  • Gold Volume Licensing
  • Gold Datacenter
  • Silver Messaging
  • Silver Midmarket Solution Provider
  • Silver Collaboration and Content
  • Silver Cloud Productivity

More than 300 Microsoft certified professionals in BT ensure that our Microsoft based services for you are state-of-the-art and leading edge. BT was 1st partner globally to provide Lync (now Skype for Business) as a private cloud service and we were one of the few global launch partners for Skype for Business. We were the 1st partner outside the USA to provide customers with high performance and more secure connectivity to Microsoft Azure with Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute. BT was Microsoft Office 365 Syndication Growth Partner of the Year 2013 and we were amongst the first to enable Microsoft Office 365 ExpressRoute.

BT makes Microsoft technology work for you – talk to us today to find out how we can support you and deliver measurable results for your business.